BEAF Film Festival is the annual film festival of the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe. The film festival was first run in 2015, showcasing the best film-making talent from around Bournemouth and the South-West. The 2019 edition of the BEAF Film Festival is returning on Sunday 5th May and will take place at the Shelley Theatre, Boscombe.

Submissions open on 4th February and are open until 5th April 2019.

Submissions must be:

>From filmmakers based in Dorset and the South-West, or, who have a connection to the area either professionally, academically or personally. This could mean working in the area, studying in the area or having lived in the area.

>Short films, no longer than 12 minutes in duration.

Overall Rating
  • Fantastic programming. Fascinating venue. Proud to be part of an exciting up-and-coming festival from the heart of Bournemouth.

    May 2019