BASKING FOOD FILMS, is a festival of short films and / or advertising of agri-food products of differentiated quality that will take place within the framework of the BASKING FOOD FESTIVAL event in Bilbao October 2019

The sample of the selected audiovisual pieces and the awards gala will take place in the BBF building, headquarters of the University of Mondragón in Bilbao, on Wednesday 10/17/2019

The organization of BASKING FOOD FILM will appoint a single jury that will evaluate the official competitions in competition:

The prizes initially planned for these competitions will be the following:
BEST AUDIOVISUAL PIECE OF LOCAL PRODUCT. The prize for the best audiovisual piece of local product, to which both professionals and students can aspire, will be endowed with: Two nights of agrotourism + visit to Bodega + bot wine + trophy.

BEST AUDIOVISUAL PIECE YOUNG TALENTS. The prize for the best audiovisual piece valued by the official jury, will be endowed with: Paid work in Media Attack project that considers appropriate + bot wine + trophy.

SPECIAL MENTION OF THE PUBLIC. The prize for the most voted audiovisual piece on the internet will be equipped with: Wine bot + trophy.

The jury is committed to not leave any of the prizes deserted, leaving at their discretion to give more than one special mention for each of the categories.

All the winning works will be screened in the audiovisual supports installed for this purpose, in the Ribera de Bilbao Market and in the Bilbao Basque Museum, during a subsequent month within the framework of the Basking Food Festival.

Registration in BASKING FOOD FILM will be allowed for that audiovisual work created for the promotion of a local agri-food product, with any type of audiovisual technique, and with the following limitations:

* Only one audiovisual work may be presented per participant.
* Duration may not exceed 8 minutes.
* Any audiovisual piece is allowed (short advertising, spot, animation, etc ...)

For each audiovisual work an individual registration form and accommodation will be required in the registration platform of a screener in HD codec H264 of the film, or in its absence a link with password for online download that is available until May 3 2019. Registration must contain the following additional materials:

* Name of the audiovisual piece.
* A photograph of the director of the audiovisual piece.
* A biography of the director of the audiovisual piece.
* 3 images of the work (minimum 300 dpi).
* Technical data of the work.

The registered works must be finalized. Unfinished works will not be taken into account.
Audiovisual works must have been produced, made and completed, in full, as of January 1, 2018 so that no pieces finalized prior to that date will be accepted. Works that are not completed will not be considered. Unfinished work will be understood as one that has not been published in any audiovisual content dissemination platform.
BASKING FOOD FILM will not pay any fee for the screening of the selected works for its competitive programs.

The selection of the films to contest will be made by the Artistic Director of BASKING FOOD FILM. It is to see each one of the works registered in time and to decide the final list of selected films.

The selection of each of the competitions will be announced on the official website of Basking Food Festival.
BASKING FOOD FILM will have the right to project each of the selected films at least three times.


As projection copies, the screeners in HD codec H264 used during registration will be used.
BASKING FOOD FILM reserves the right to refuse a projection copy if it presents technical difficulties that may cause problems during its screening.

The work may be registered in one of the following categories:

Official Competition BASKING FOOD FILM 2019.

* BEST AUDIOVISUAL PIECE YOUNG TALENTS - Audiovisual piece made by students or young people under 25, selected by the selection committee formed by professionals and experts from the sector, designated by the BASKING FOOD FILM organization for the official competition.
* BEST AUDIOVISUAL PIECE OF LOCAL PRODUCT - Both professionals and students can aspire. Audiovisual works focused on a local differentiated agri-food product / producer, selected by the selection committee made up of professionals and experts from the sector, designated by the BASKING FOOD FILM organization for the official competition, considering local, the geographical environment of the place of residence of the filmmaker in question.
* SPECIAL MENTION OF THE PUBLIC - the most voted audiovisual piece will be selected in networks, through likes. Being the last day of the vote on May 3 at 12:00 a.m. Communicating the winner the same day of the gala and awards ceremony.
The awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday May 29 as part of the Special Event of the BASKING FOOD FESTIVAL.


Registration will be made online through the platform

BASKING FOOD FILM reserves the right to determine which of the films registered meet the requirements to compete in each category.


Each participant declares to be the author or the owner of the rights of the films he / she signs, having express permission for all the images, texts, sounds or music included.
In case there is a legal claim for the use of these rights, BASKING FOOD FESTIVAL is exempt from any liability, and this responsibility falls exclusively on the person or entity that made the registration.

The producers and directors of the award-winning films must mention the name of the award, the year and the name of BASKING FOOD FILM in all promotional materials of the film. In this regard, BASKING FOOD FILM will send you a file containing the logo next to the text of the name of the prize received.

BASKING FOOD FILM is authorized to screen award-winning films only for educational or promotional purposes of the festival itself, provided they have a non-commercial nature.

In case any of the selected films is required for a commercial screening after BASKING FOOD FILM, in order to promote the award-winning films or official programming, the person who registered will be contacted to obtain their authorization.

BASKING FOOD FILM has the right to use for promotional purposes all the materials related to the registration as well as an extract of each film that does not suppose more than 10 percent of its total duration and as long as it does not exceed 2 minutes.
BASKING FOOD FILM reserves the right to modify this regulation in case it deems appropriate.

Participation in BASKING FOOD FILM and in its registration process implies the unreserved acceptance of all the terms of these regulations.

The regulation has been drafted in English, Spanish and Basque, and in case of ambiguities, the Spanish version will be a priority.