Private Project


Zain is a twenty-year-old man of average size and height, with dark skin and green eyes. He wears a shirt with clams on it.
Zain was sleeping in a small room with a window and a door, and frames on the wall with pictures of clams. He woke up from sleep.
He was feeling hungry, and his stomach was making sounds, so a cloud appeared over his head while he was thinking, and a clams appeared in it.
So, he went to buy the clams after that and stood in front of the cart of clams, a small cart in the color of white and orange, and there were it contains two wood sticks, and among them are fresh clams, which is expensive, so Zain looked at his hands, and he did not have enough money with him, so he threw with his eyes on the north of the fresh clams, he found a large and strange clam, but it's price was reasonable, so he took it.
And when he went home, he found it empty, so he threw it on the ground, and after a few minutes, the clams began to shake, and something got out of it.
A genie in the form of a clams called Baklawez, so Zain started screaming, and the genie silenced him with fairy dust and showed him his papyrus.
It has 3 challenges, and the prize is a clams restaurant. If he passes them, Zain went in his imagination and imagined that he owns a restaurant
Zain agreed and signed the contract, and the genie started the challenges, and the first challenge was the maze, paper with the texture of papyrus.
clams shape at the beginning, and a house at the end, and between them is a difficult maze. A clams begins to move from
the start point to the house, as if Zain solve this , and Zain passes the first challenge, after which the papyrus appears next to the genie.
Once again, the genie puts a check mark in the small box drawn on the paper next to the challenge and
Zain passes the first test, and the challenge card disappears, and the genie begins the second test, which is the Sega game.
The genie moved to the middle with his hands and his body smoothly in a fast way, then Zain makes the second move and
He puts his first model on the paper in the first square from the right side quickly with his hands and his body is moving with him, and then Baklawez puts the model No. 2 for him in the first square in the third row quickly, then
Zain puts his number 2 figure in the square on the left side in the first row, and then looks at Baklawez.
Zain in an angry way and knots his eyebrows and Zain laughs at him and opens his eyes while he is excited and puts figure 3 in the middle in the third row quickly, and then Zain puts the last figure in the row the third is in the left cell, and then he moves the shell hooks in the middle to the square in the cell he misses the opportunity but finds that Zain was able to leave two squares, and this is how he won. The third challenge begins, and an arrow and a dart appear in front of him
Throwing arrows next to the genie, and the challenge is to throw an arrow in the small circle in the big circle, and Zain starts in the arrow hold
And he throws the arrow, but it did not hit the target, and the arrow came a short distance from the target area. So, the genie looks at Zain and
said that he lost the challenge . Zain looks sad, and thanks the genie.
As he walks, the genie calls out to him and tells him that he has forgotten his reward. Zain went in his imagination and remembered the conditions that state that if he wins two challenges, he wins the restaurant of clams . zain amazed and reads the last clause in the contract.
It states that in the event that two of the three challenges are passed, the contestant will gain a large amount of clams.
During Zain's speech, a mountain of clams falls on him, covering him while he is speaking, and then Zain takes out his hand and raises it he holds his thumb up and says he's fine.

  • Ayatallah ahmed Ahmed
  • ayatallah ahmed abderlrahman
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    6 minutes 1 second
  • Completion Date:
    June 19, 2023
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - pharos university in alexandria

  • Egypt
Director - Ayatallah ahmed Ahmed