The Festival Biennial of Animation Bratislava (BAB) is a festival of animated films made for children and youth. It is held in capital of Slovakia - Bratislava. It has earned a special place on the map of international festivals due to its focusing exclusively on animation intended for children.

In 1991, it achieved the status of international festival and has cooperated with international organization of UNICEF since its very beginning.

In 2018 the BAB festival became a member of the European Children´s Film Association and its independent jury awards ECFA Award.

The Festival’s mission is to foster artistic confrontation in the field of animation intended for children, create conditions for the evaluation thereof and hence support the complex development of this unique kind of art.

The international competition of animated films for children is unique, since it reflects the non-commercial audio-visual culture as well as animated films from all over the world.

An international jury decides about the competition winners and awards prestigious prizes. The Festival also includes screenings of animated films from the whole world, specialized seminars, discussions, presentations of important personalities, competitions as well as animated film workshops. Important part of the Festival is a number of exhibitions...

Viktor Kubal Prize for the Best Animated Film in competition awarded by International Jury.

Children Jury Award – awarded by children for the best animated movie in competition.

Prix Klingsor – Lifetime Achievement Award that goes to the exceptional persons active in European and international animated film.

ECFA Jury Award – awarded by Jury consisting of ECFA members.

St. Vojtech´s Prize – for the best animated film made in Visegrad countries.

UNICEF Award – awarded by an UNICEF organization.

Literary Fund Prize – financial prize awarded by Slovak Literary Fund.

Albín Brunovský Honorary Medal for outstanding contribution to the field of animation.

1. The Applicant authorizes the Organizer of the Festival and the Competition: Biennial of Animation Bratislava – BAB 2020 to use the entered film only for non-commercial, educational purposes without any restrictions during and after the BAB Festival.
The Applicant grants the Organizer: Biennial of Animation Bratislava – BAB 2020 authorization to use parts of the entered film for the festival promotion.
The Applicant grants the Organizer: Biennial of Animation Bratislava – BAB 2020 authorization to file the entered film in archives of BAB Festival.
2. Only animated films made after 1st January 2018 can enter the competition. We don’t accept movies that were part of the competition in previous years.
3. A synopsis and a photography are necessary for the compilation of the festival catalogue and therefore if the competitors will not provide these information their films might be disqualified. Films submitted after the deadline can not be accepted due to technical reasons.

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