The founders of Ayr International Short Film Festival are ELGATO Film Productions. We are a community of local filmmakers here in Ayr, West of Scotland and we all come together to create short films through our passion of filmmaking!

We held an event in our local theatre in July 2012 which was our Ayrshire Filmmakers Festival, this was a small festival held over 2 days with a handful of films from Directors in our local area. In July 2015 we held our 2nd year of Ayrisff and in September 2016 we held our 3rd year of Ayrisff! We are delighted to be bringing the film festival back for the 4th year in 2017!

The Ayr International Film Festival will be held in the Summer of 2017, our film festival will take place online!

We are looking for all genres of short films under 20 minutes in length!

We look forward to receiving your short films!

Best Film

1. Submissions are open from Wednesday 28th September 2016 – Monday 19th June 2017
2. There will be a £100 prize for Best Film.
3. We only accept short films.
4. We are looking for short films under 20 minutes in length.
5. All films must be your own original content and not include any copyrighted content.
6. Films can be from any genre.
7. All films must have been made in the past 12 months after September 2014
7. When submitting your film, you are in agreement that it will be shown in our online festival and a small portion may also be used for a showreel on YouTube to advertise Ayrisff 2018.
8. You must send a poster of your film when you submit.
9. We only accept films that are submitted through FilmFreeway.
10. All submissions will incur a $5 fee payable to FilmFreeway.

Overall Rating
  • Eric Romero

    This was my second time at the Ayr film festival and it was a great experience. A lovely bunch very passionate with that they do.

    October 2016
  • EDIT: So the programmer seems to want to continue lying about not getting materials, despite having acknowledged receipt, changing their story (Now claiming that there was no "suitable" copy, yet how a film that has EIGHT options available, including DCP, MOV, MP4, Pro-Res, etc.) and then being deceitful about it in general. Any festival that cannot own up to its own mistakes should not be trusted. This is now a matter of principle. I will continue to make sure that my statement (Below) is seen and not countered as long as I have to. I've got all day, Alberth,. All. Day.

    Original review:

    Well, this is awkward. After having been one of only twelve films accepted, one would presume that all twelve of those films would be shown as planned. Unfortunately, that apparently is not what happened. While I was unable to trek halfway around the world to see my film screened in a bistro, (As oppose to... I don't know...A movie theater?) I followed the public posts made by the festival on social media to see how things were progressing. They allegedly (Again, I was not present, so I cannot confirm.) screened on two different days, 9/20 and 9/27 and posted on Facebook as each film was about to screen. Week one, they announced five films, but I was not concerned, as they very easily could have broken them down by time. (My film is only 8 minutes long.) Late on 9/29, I checked their Facebook page to find that they screened five films on day two as well, meaning that two films did not screen. Mine being one, and a delightful Belgian comedy that my film has screened alongside at least five times before. I double checked to make sure that I had sent all of the materials, and I did so on August 10, for which they confirmed receipt. When I finally got a response from them, I was lied to and told that I never sent materials. I sent them on August 10, and in fact, they could not have had the poster if I had not sent them. The fact that they are blaming me for their mistake is completely ridiculous and inappropriate. The same day I sent the materials, I got this response: “Hi Kevin, Many thanks for the Dropbox link we will download all the information. Congratulations once again we are very happy that your film has been selected!
    Kind Regards Ayr International Short Film Festival”

    So not only are they incompetent, they are liars as well.

    I immediately emailed the programmer (And that email was marked as having been read a few hours later, and again three more times over the following day - Thanks, Google Streak!) asking what had happened and why we were not listed as having been screened, but I got no response. I waited more than 24 hours, hoping they would provide a response, but they have still neglected to do so.
    Unfortunately, this left me in the position to do the only appropriate thing I could: Let all of you know that this happened. How a tiny festival with so few films to screen could have dropped the ball so obviously; and not just once, but twice, confuses me. That they would read the email asking for answers, yet ignore it, tells me that they knew they screwed up and did not want to own up to it.
    I recommend that you DO NOT submit your short film to the Ayr International Short Film Festival, because they clearly cannot manage twelve short films over a two-day span. While it may be cheap, it is not worth your entry fee.

    October 2016
  • Robert David Duncan

    We had a great time being a part of this festival, and it was such a thrill for our cast and crew to know that "The Esteem Coach" was being screened in Scotland! We also really appreciated all the social media support around our selection as well!

    October 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Thanks Robert for such a lovely review, our team are very happy to hear your comments. Your short film The Esteem Coach was very well received. We will be screening it at a further 2 private screenings in our local town. As the audience are choosing their favourite short film, once that the screenings are complete we will be announcing the winner for Short Film. Good luck!

    Thanks once again.
    Kindest Regards
    Ayr International Short Film Festival

  • Unable to evaluate hospitality and networking as I didn't make the trip up to Scotland for the event, was disappointed though that we still haven't heard, despite a Best Film Prize being promoted and many other prizes being shown in past editions, that we still don't know that outcome of this festival (Winners, etc.) a week later.

    October 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Hi Lawrence,

    Thanks for your review. You are correct we have not announced the winner for Best Film yet. The winner will be announced very soon after our 2 private screenings once that we have notified the winner first it will then be announced publicly.

    Kind Regards
    Ayr International Short Film Festival

  • Anaëlle Morf

    I heard that at least 2 of the 10 films didn't screen, as they didn't have the material. It's weird as I sent it, and the film was still programed. I seriously don't understand sometimes how people behave. We need to be respected.
    I just received an apologizing message, and it's a good thing. There was a lack of communication, but at least II was respected enough to receive an answer. It doesn't explain what happened as I never received a mail. I hope they'll do something for that next year. We should at least have been noticed that our films weren't screened.

    October 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your 2nd review Anaëlle, yes we have emailed you today regarding your submission at this year's festival. As noted as we never received a suitable copy of your film we were unable to screen it. We apologise once again for this but unfortunately we cannot screen a film if we don't have a copy of the film.

    We wish you good luck in future film festivals and with future projects.

    Kind Regards
    Ayr International Short Film Festival