The Awesome Con Short Film Festival is one of the funnest and most fan friendly film festivals that you'll attend or be part of, and it takes place inside one the biggest pop culture convention in the united states, Awesome Con in Washington DC.

Every year Awesome Con has movie stars guests, pop culture icons, cult legends and must see comic book and fine artist from around the world that take part in their show, and every year its averages about 70, 000 and plus attendees, thus making it the perfect place to have your film be seen by a true pop culture audience.

The goal of the film festival is to get your film seen and noticed and enjoyed, by not just your friends and family and other filmmakers, but by a real audience. And the truth is, in this type of setting, you never really know who might be sitting and watching your film.

Each day of the convention there will be a block of films selected by the festival judges and screened in mixed genres. The genres that we will be screening are Horror, Sci Fi, Action, Drama, Comedy, Web Series, Animation, Documentary, Music Video and One Shots.

The end of each screening block will be followed by a filmmakers Q&A with any attending filmmakers whose works were shown.

Our judges will vote for "Best Film" and "Best Cinematography"

Plus the audience will vote for "Awesome Film Award 2022"

If your film is chosen to be part of the festival, your film will receive a single three day pass to Awesome Con, which can be used to attend the festival and convention.


If the film is over 15mins and under 30min, it can still be under consideration, but since its a short film festival, longer films have more of a challenge to program in.

Awesome Con itself is a family convention. You can submit any film you want, but the content and quality and how it is perceived within the structure of the festival will be a factor in its judging. But please submit anything you feel strongly about, we do want to see it.

Your film does not need to be a premiere and it can exist online to be considered for the festival. But if the film does exist online, just as a screening courtesy, if it is chosen, try your best to make it not view-able during the screening weekend.

If your film is in a foreign dialogue with English not being the central language of the movie, please submit the film in English subtitle form.

And of course, submission into the festival does NOT guarantee it will be screened at the festival.

Please make sure you hold all copyrights to your film and its elements.

And finally, if your film is chosen, please have promotional material ready to be submitted as it will integrated into Awesome Con and Awesome Con Short Film Festival marketing materials.

Overall Rating
  • Victoria Slaski

    As a recent college graduate, Awesome Con was an amazing experience. The complimentary badge was very much appreciated and the opportunity to discuss my film and network with other filmmakers was absolutely awesome (pun intended). Whether you're an emerging filmmaker or a experienced one, I would highly recommend submitting your work. My only suggestion would be...more awards! It would be cool to see awards for best documentary, best horror, best animation etc.

    August 2021
  • Ernie Bustamante

    Excellent festival! Highly recommend attending this well organized and very fun event.

    August 2021
  • David Fritzson

    Wonderful festival tucked inside of a Con. Joe and the team behind this fest do a great job communicating, they also build graphics for each film to help promote them, and for the screening themselves, there’s a great turnout. I also felt super safe as they were strict on their mask policy. Looking forward to seeing this fest in 2022!

    August 2021
  • Awesome Com has an outstanding film festival for genre films. Great curation, excellent communication, and marketing that stands above most other festivals. We were very happy to be part of it.

    August 2021
  • Jesse Cowan

    It's great to be back at an actual film festival after a year and a half of lockdown. Awesome Con is a wonderful place to explore all things nerd culture has to provide, and the 3 day pass alone makes this festival worth it. Many thanks to Madelyn, Joe, Leslie, and the whole crew at Awesome Con Film Festival for making this year's Awesome Con a memorable one!

    August 2021