Avengers: Civil War Series Finale

After a tragic death, The Avengers split and it's up to Captain America and Iron Man to stop the conflict once and for all

  • Mario Durán Araujo
    Viral Venom, All Stop Motion Marvels projects
  • Mario Durán Araujo
    Viral Venom, All Stop Motion Marvels projects
  • Mario Durán Araujo
    Viral Venom, All Stop Motion Marvels projects
  • Brian Thompson
    Key Cast
    "Captain America"
    Punisher: War Zone Stop Motion, Thor Ragnarok: Interview With The Witch, Previous Civil War Episodes
  • Kavir Doty
    Key Cast
    "Iron Man"
    Previews Civil War Episodes
  • Amelia Forsyth-Smith
    Key Cast
    "Scarlett Witch"
    Risen, Project Time Jump, Hello Au Revoir, Missing Time
  • Amelia Conway
    Key Cast
    "Black Widow"
    Bad Influence, La Naissance
  • Ross K. Foad
    Key Cast
    "Ant Man"
    No Place Like Holmes, The Mary Morstan Mysteries, The Ghost Purchaser
  • Mario Durán Araujo
    Key Cast
    All Stop Motion Marvels content to date, Viral Venom
  • Kath Leroy
    Key Cast
    Spider Man: Far From Home, Getting Rid Of Pavel
  • Anthony Rock
    Key Cast
    Previous Voice Acting Work
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  • Runtime:
    15 minutes 31 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 26, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    450 MXN
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Director Biography - Mario Durán Araujo

Born in Mexico City, Mario Durán Araujo is a Director, producer, animator, editor, actor with 3 years of experience and more than 30 overall projects.

Short’s Dialogue:
HE: Do you regret anything?

MB: Of course Not

HE: Get ready for everything

CA: I have a mole on Tony´s team

WS: Who is that?

CA: The Falcon, and he said that Tony has found us, his team is coming for us

AM: How did he find us?

CA: Our last mission went wrong, we defeated Juggernaut but a guy took a photo of us inside here

HE: It went viral

AM: And why don’t we run?!

CA: We are no cowards, we must protect what we believe its right, Tony is not playing and he is willing to fight

WS: We are not giving up

CA: For the first time in our lives we are fighting against our friends, friends we still appreciate

DD: We have to represent the side where the law cannot interfere

AM: That includes cons and people with families, right?

(Everyone turns their sight to him)

AM: Well…ex con, the last thing I stole was this suit some years ago

HE: Better shut up

AM: Ok

HE: Last time we saw Tony he created Ultron, an artificial intelligence that wanted to kill life on Earth

IF: A normal day for The Avengers, isn’t it?

CA: When we defeated Ultron I left the team, I started a new life with Sharon and after a series of incidents with superpowered people the government made the Sokovia accords

HE: And here we are

IF: We can make an agreement with them

DD: Do you really think we can make an agreement without a fight? Its Tony we are talking about

IF: We have to approach our chi first

HE: What are you talking about?

AM: I don't mind fighting against Vision I guess

CA: According to Falcon they can arrive at any moment

IF: I get Stark Its angry, but I think the best we can do is try to talk with him

HE: I don’t think so, you clearly don’t know him

DD: We don't have time for a plan

IF: Why?

(Stark´s team arrives)

CA: Hey Tony, we want to bargain

IM: Ok, after all this time we finally meet again, I’m curious what happened to you, old man

CA: The message is clear, we are against the Sokovia accords

IM: Don't make things difficult Steve

IF: We can make an agreement

CM: What kind of agreement?

DD: You can let us do our thing and we will let you do your thing

IM: Is not that simple

IF: If you don’t let us the situation can get worse

HE: You don´t want a Civil War, do you?

BW: We don´t want to fight Clint, we can do this the easy way

HE: Bullshit

IF: The truth is that people have different needs, we don’t care If we are pursued, but we really want to stay this way

DD: Helping others without being controlled

IM: I have to inform the president of this, I get you, but I have broken the law so many times that I think I have to support them now, natural selection

WM: You all will get into trouble, and If something bad happens because of you, we ´ll have to take you down

CM: C´mon Cap, we can end this peacefully

(We cut to Black Widow and Hawkeye)

BW: We are still friends, right?

HE: You can visit us anytime

BW: By the sound of this… don’t think so

HE: And what If we do something bad?

BW: We will surely be there

HE: Are you capable of hurting me in governments favour?

BW: Don´t test me

(Cut to Iron Man, they are going to shake hands, but Tony receives a call from the mansion)

WM: What its happening Tony?

(We see Tony´s HUB, it alerts Tony from Wanda´s escape)

IM: What have you done Barton?

HE: Wanda is not a bad woman, she has to have rights and she wants to help our cause

BW: Don´t you remember when she used her powers against us?

HE: Don´t you believe in redemption, ex russian murderer?

IM: She is not stable, she has some mental issues, she is dangerous

HE: The same can be said to you Stark

V: She is a good woman. she has more heart than most of us

IM: What are you talking about?!

V: I´ve visited her many times

V: She now controls her powers, If she wanted she would blow the entire mansion

IM: I´m afraid of that, why would you take her out?

HE: Because of you, you are just as dangerous as her

IM: I was going to make an agreement with you, but you just broke the rules with Wanda´s extraction, I cannot allow that

AM: So it begins

HE: Are you really going to hurt me Widow?

BW: You know the answer Barton

(They start the fight we see at the beginning of the series, we return to the present)

SW: I cannot believe what you have done Tony, you are a monster!

BW: I don´t stand with you anymore

IM: Steve…

(Captain America stands still as he hugs his best friend one last time)

IM: Steve, I´m really sorry, this was the only way to stop him

BW: You have crossed a line, the first kill leaves a mark

IM: He was an assassin, he killed dozens of people!

SW: If you kill one assassin the number of assassins is still the same

BW: Bruce, get me out of here please

H: Bruce is not here only Hulk!

(Hulk takes Natasha, he is about to leave but Spider Man shows up again)

SM: Hey Green Guy! Are you finally tired?

H: Stark going nuts

SM: Yeah I know, he is really weird

BW: He is talking in all seriousness

SM: Uhm ok, I think you are overreacting, I don’t think Mr Stark is capable of something…

(Spidey sees Tony killed Bucky Barnes, he gets shocked)

SM: What the…?

IM: Peter, don´t misunderstand this

SM: So now you kill?! Is Ultron controlling you?!

SW: He killed my brother too

SM: Oh no, you are sick! How can it be possible?!

IM: Peter, I didn´t kill Wanda´s brother, it was Ultron

SM: I don´t care… you killed Cap´s best friend

(Spidey leaves, Tony feels sad for his dissaproval, Ant Man wakes up)

AM: What the hell?! (He becomes normal size again)

AM: Hank was right, you are an idiot

IM: If you are not Hank then who are you?

AM: If you don’t end the accords crap then I’m going to be the man who kicked your ass

(They see each other for a moment, Ant Man goes small, he leaves, small period of silence)

SW: You killed my brother, Cap´s best friend… Who is next?!

IM: I didn´t killed your brother and you know it

SW: Your creation did, that´s the same for me

(Cap s thinking what to do, we see flashbacks from a past mission)

CA: This is a very old H.Y.D.R.A facility, we can crush it together

WS: Sure thing Steve!

(H.Y.D.R.A. appears, they fight them and Crossbones appears)

CB: It´s been a while, Winter Soldier!

WS: I´m not him anymore

CB: I know who you are, does Kilgrave contacted you?

WS: Who is Kilgrave?

CB: The purple man who visits you often

WS: He is a monster, he wants me to murder again, do you know why?

CB: He doesn´t likes happy endings

WS: Is he controlling you?

CB: He used to

WS: I know how it feels, he is controlling me, and I want to know when is he going to return

CB: He is a ghost, he never approaches his victims when they are accompanied

WS: How did you get rid of him?

CB: The only way is to…

(Cap punches him in the head, he gets unconscious)

WS: Steve! Why did you do that?

CA: He is clearly a H.Y.D.R.A agent

WS: He seemed like a good guy

CA: We have to hurry up Buck, this place is going to blow up

WS: H.Y.D.R.A now blows up their own facilities?

CA: After the last mission I had with Black Widow they have to

WS: We can save him, I think he knows important info

CA: There´s no time for that Bucky, I already interrogated another agent

(They run and all the place blows up, we return to the present day)

SW: Do you think he deserves another chance? Vision used to think so, our team used to think so, even I started to think so, but this is unforgivable!

IM: Calm down, you used to support Ultron

SW: I just wanted to receive answers! I still don´t know a lot from my past

IM: Ok, we´ll never reach a conclusion

HC: I´m sure you poisoned my claws

(Suddenly Cap punches Tony, he is punching him harder than he ever has, Wanda approves that, she helps Steve in some ways with her magic, we see the last flashback from the Shawarma restaurant, every Avenger is leaving except Tony and Steve)

T: Sorry guys, I have to leave, Sif is waiting for me

HE: We should go to the Hellicarrier Nat, Fury needs us

BW: Maybe we can drink with him too

HE: And Mr Banner of course

(They leave, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are alone)

CA: Where are you going to to go Stark?

IM: I don´t know Rogers, I think I’m gonna drink with some girls by my side

CA: That sounds lonely

IM: I don´t have a lot of options without Pepper…I have a pending project, maybe I finish it

CA: You need that kind of distraction

IM: It is an artificial intelligence called Ultron, I was working with Hank Pym but he left

CA: Sounds like he left on bad terms

IM: You know me really well

CA: It is a better plan than drinking with girls

IM: Yeah maybe

CA: You know I have a lot of work, but If you need to talk or someone to help you, I’m here

IM: Thank you Steve

(They hug, we return to the present day, they are fighting to death, Cap is hitting him with everything, Wanda wants him to kill him and Tony can’t do anything, but ultimately he decides to not hurt him in any major way)

SW: It´s your opportunity to stop him! Do it!

CA: I´m not that kind of man

SW: Last time we could defeat him and you said that we could have another opportunity! This is the one!

CA: Just promise me that you are going to cancel the Sokovia accords

IM: I already signed, I cannot do anything

( Scarlet Witch prepares a magic spell)

IM: But I can convince secretary Ross to cancel all plans

CA: Please do it Tony

SW: Or you are going to regret it for the rest of your miserable life

IM: Ok, we have a deal

(They leave Tony alone, his suit is almost destroyed and he can’t move really well, almost silent for 10 seconds, cut to black and we hear Captain America’s final monologue as a bunch of images appear, like Bucky´s funeral, Tony being alone at Shawarma and calling secretary Ross, Cap´s team going to another base adding Falcon and Black Widow, we discover Cap is talking to the Secret Avengers to the back)

CA: We have faced threats from other worlds, other dimensions, but our biggest challenges are the most personal ones

CA: The Sokovia accords represented the lack of liberty that the government wanted us to have…

CA: Fortunately, many of us realized the mistake, we fought to keep our freedom and succeed, with some sacrifice in the way

CA: So this is an invitation to all of you to keep fighting, a new era is beginning, and we have the might to shape it the right way…

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Director Statement

A series finale full of drama, action and great performances, this approach to the Civil War storyline from the Marvel Comics tries to be drama oriented more than action focused, color illumination helps a lot, red means rage, blue means peace and yellow means calm