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musique-vidéo concrète

Alienation, hallucinations, and long forgotten voices from deep inside --- nudge and transform our pancultural reality into a revealing multi-dimensional phantasmagorical Rorschach test for the mind, heart, & soul.

ATTENTIONSPAM is a post-punk, liminal layered, animated music graffiti art film-poem -- with a nouveau impressionistic pastiche.

  • Kilo Watts
  • The Drone
    (sound design, musical soundtrack, and songs)
  • Ahhtension Planet Arts
    Key Cast
    ""ATTENTIONSPAM" represents more than a single title - it describes a pancultural proliferating genre and grass roots trend of artistically varied individuals & communities, networking and integrating through commonly accessible apps and audio-visual media platforms."
    Ahhtension Planet Arts is an international diaspora of alter egos of some of the most exciting artists, performers, technicians, and misfits from a variety of disciplines and experience - working together in collaboration to create fresh perspectives of the zeitgeist - to empower an enhanced universal interpretation of culture and circumstance. APA craftpersons collaborate to organize, transform, and present an interdisciplinary mixed-media pastiche. ~~~ Arising from our compassionate anarchy - Ahhtension Planet Arts is about connecting, creating, and celebrating relationships.
  • crew, performers, contributors, & influencers
    Key Cast
    EdArt Eddie, f_ree_dom_,jenniferjoncyjones, Romare Bearden, Carol Antone, Earthling Ed Winters, Kellen Diamanti, John "J-Boy" Parham / Santana, Jackson, Yuudit Schavrien, JoyceNEd, Rick “Rebay” Bennett, Nasy Qureshi, Helen Francis, Clara-Belle the Calliope, Captain Ken Cooke, John Schaaf & Carolyn "Care" Dennis, globalmojo, John Thrasher, Goofer, thenotperfectone, Ephemeral Rift, Judy & Jay Hollingsworth, Mollie Peepot, Luichi No DJ, KAThy Thornton, A. Guy & Ellen (walk into a) Barre, anonymi anonymouses, DJ Spooky, Moogy Klingman, The Salon, Sheehan Stylists, Auguste Toulmouche, Laura Bifano, Manny Rodriguez, John Patten, Move37-GO, Dropin Belns, <[;-)
  • Ahhtension Planet Arts
    (animation, performances, technical, and all else)
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    20 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    March 7, 2020
  • Country of Origin:
    United States Minor Outlying Islands
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Kilo Watts, The Drone

• Kilo Watts (auteur: graphic design / poetry)

• The Drone (sound design, musical soundscape, & songs)

• Ahhtension Planet Arts (production) APA artists comprise an international affiliation of diverse avant-garde talents -- including poetry, dance, foley, voiceover, fire performers, & more ~ interweaving the languages of audio & visuals to stretch the boundaries of communication.

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Director Statement

• “Yesterday's weirdness is tomorrow's reason why" - Hunter S. Thompson

• “The mind at every stage is a theatre of simultaneous possibilities" - William James

• "A mind is like a parachute; it doesn't work if it is not open" - Frank Zappa

• “Art is how we decorate space; music is how we decorate time.” - Jean-Michel Basquiat

• "When dancing with Chaos, respect peace & love"

This film was made inclusively using upcycling, recycling, bicycling and other eco-conscious production techniques.


ATTENTIONSPAM, (audio-visual jazz), synergistically intermingles word, sight, and sound as elements in a rich multi-media kaleidoscope, weaving them into a sum experience that is greater than its parts.