The Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival programs films that speak to the human condition and place value on the questions over the answers. Our mission is to archive, celebrate, and exhibit provocative, intelligent, and moving cinema to the genre of "Philosophy Film".

*** IMPORTANT *** We do not have submission fees, but please see RULES & TERMS to be considered.

This is an ONLINE Festival celebrating Philosophy Films. It is our hope by sharing important films between filmmakers we can help foster an environment of cultural, social, and historical exchange through the language of cinema.

To SUBMIT we REQUIRE the following:

You must provide written critique of past APFF official selection!

1. Go to
2. Select a festival year using LINKS (2009-2017).
3. Watch any "Official Selection" by clicking "Watch" link next to film title.
4. Write down your reaction to the film - can be very brief.
5. Submit your reaction by adding a "Cover Letter" using FilmFreeway OR email your reaction to

Critiques can be written in any language, however English is preferred.