Athina Kanela (Kanellopoulou) (b. 1985, Athens) is a greek based visual artist. She gained a BA in Fine Arts & New Media (Middlesex University, 2016), a MA Art, Virtual Reality and Multi-user Systems of Artistic Expression (Athens School of Fine Arts, 2019), a MA Art et Technologie del Image (ATI, Universite Paris 8, 2019), a BA and a MSc in Civil Engineering and Pedagogigal Studies (ASPAITE, 2009 & 2011).
The spatial and social elements play a key role in the way of perceiving the world and thus Art. "I call space every real, digital, virtual, invented or imaginary place created by the social or isolation's needs of human". Through a variety of visual media such as video, installation, text, and some forms of performance, the structures of society and human relations are investigated; specifically, the interaction of people through the emotional fluctuations, the error on the true and the kinesthetic fact in the determination of these spatial and social ids.
In many installations and media works, the participation of audience plays the most important role in the activation of the project and conduct results, emphasizing the character of the ephemeral and non-closed system and the relevance of the visual identity, referring to the wording of Beuys that "Every man is an artist". Many times, there is collaboration with psychologists and sociologists for researching on the results of every participatory behavior during the artwork.
She has presented artworks in many art exhibitions, festivals, art fairs and biennales; such as AB5to6 Omonoia Athens Biennale, To the Future Public - C.A.S.A.- Documenta 14, ASFA BBQ 4th Performance Festival of Athens School of Fine Arts, Contemporary Venice International Art Show, Human Rights Global Village, AnimaSyros International Animation Festival, Eye's Walk Festival, 20th Art Athina International Art Fair, APhF Athens Photo Festival Benaki Museum, ANIMFEST, AudioVisual Art Festival, Mind the Gap | Kodra Fresh 2016 Action Field Kodra, ANNY- Animation Night New York, Diseases, II FICAE - International Short Film and Art Festival, δικό μου: a piece of space, Exile International Film Festival, Experimental Superstars International Film Festival, Printmaking the Literature, CAA Project- Contemporary Academy of Art Project, Art for More 4th International Festival, IK Art Contest etc.
Middlesex University
BA Hons Fine Arts and New Media
Universite Paris 8
MA Art et Technologie del Image (ATI)
Athens School of Fine Arts
MA Art, Virtual Reality and Multi-user Systems of Artistic Expression
Eye Color
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