At This Rate The Whole World Hates Hishalisong Header Goals Are Fired Again VAR is Canceled

Brazil beat Peru 1-0 in the second leg of the group stage of the 2026 FIFA North-Central America World Cup at Estadio Nacional de Lima in Lima, Peru, at 11 a.m. on the 13th. As a result, Brazil ranked first in the group with two wins 6 points, and Peru ranked seventh in the group with one draw and one loss 1 point.

One of the factors of interest was whether Hishalisong would be selected ahead of the match. Hishalisong started in the first leg of the South American group qualifying round for the World Cup against Bolivia on the 9th. Despite playing as a starter, Hishalisong failed to show his presence and was replaced by Matheus Cunha in the 26th minute of the second half. The replaced Hishalisong sat on the bench and wept. As Tottenham's slump continued to the national team, he seemed to have failed to overcome the pressure.

Hishalisong seemed to be having a very hard time emotionally. Still, the Brazilian national team showed their faith in Hishalisong. Against Peru, Hishalisson also started and worked with Rodrigo, Neymar and Hafinha.

Hishalisong, who faced the biggest crisis of his career while shedding tears, finally fired a signal to escape the slump in the 32nd minute of the first half. Bruno Guimarangis raised a sharp cross from the right side of the penalty box, and Hishalisong, who dug into the defensive line well, scored with a bitter header. Hishalisong regained his smile for a moment as he was congratulated by his colleagues.

However, the VAR review was carried out. As a result of a long VAR reading, Hishalisong's position was offside. The score was, of course, canceled. It was a disappointment for Hishalisong. Hishalisong's score was canceled several times due to VAR even when he was at Tottenham in the 2022-23 season. Whenever I heard that I was sluggish, I managed to shake the net, but I cried because of the VAR reading.

There are no unfair factors because it is a decision for a legitimate match, but Hishalisong's confidence continues to decline as scores continue to fly due to VAR readings. Hishalisong later failed to create a threatening scene, eventually finishing the game when he was replaced by Gabriel Jesus in the 19th minute.

Brazil laughed as it won 1-0 with Marquinho's theater goal just before the end of the game, but Hichalisong cannot be just happy. Coach Enze Postecoglou is also putting Son Heung-min as a striker instead of Hishalisong at Tottenham, so he is likely to stay on the bench for the time being. Confidence needs to be revived by scoring, but Hishalisong is crying over VAR readings as he is caught offside because he is impatient even if he scores with a good move.

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