Welcome to the Asylum Horror Show. At Asylum Horror News we decided it was time to host our own festival with cash prizes for best feature film, short film and student film. More prizes to be announced soon in different categories.

We are looking for anything Thriller, Horror, Psychological, Sci Fi, horror comedy, creature feature, paranormal or cult types of experiences. Send us your projects.

Best Feature $2500
Best Short Film $1000
Best Student Film. $500
Best Music Video $500
Best Villain (Sponsored by FilmFave) $200
Best Comedy Horror
Best Sci Fi
Best Writer
Best Editing
Best Special Fx
Best Music
Best Cinematography
Best Actor
Best Actress

*Award Winners will be announced in a ceremony at the end of the festival. Winners in attendance will be presented a certificate.

We prefer a link to your trailer, short or film for the website. We then need info for:
-Directed by
-Starring Actors
-Total running Time
-A short description of your piece
-A poster or still 3"x 4" 72 dpi for use on our website
-A link for your trailer or movie that is high resolution on Vimeo, Youtube or a similar -platform

1.) Entries must be original, written and/or directed by the submitting filmmaker(s) or responsible party with ownership rights.

2.) All submissions will be kept at the film festival production office.