AsterFest is the longest-running short film festival in RN Macedonia.

The editions of our ASTERFEST Film Festival (established 2005) are dedicated to the professional short film culture and emphasise its affirmation, popularization and valorization towards the international audience.

We present the festival programme in few selected categories: Global Fiction, AsterDocs, Animotion, Merry-Diones, and Tributes.

Our former special Aster laureates among others are: Zelimir Zilnik, Laila Pakalnina, Rangel Vulchanov, Kim Longinotto, Boris Gerrets, Veit Helmer, Ljupka Dzundeva, Miguel Hermoso, Jackie Sheppard, Kiro Urdin...

In the previous years we have chosen around 1000 films from over 50 countries in the competitive categories.

AsterFest is an annual festival event with physical screenings in the city of Strumica.

The main awards for the best AsterFest short film competition are: GOLDEN HORSESHOE for Best Short, SILVER HORSESHOE for Best Short, BRONZE HORSESHOE for Best Short, "Aco Aleksov" Award for Best Auteur, "Gjorgi Abadziev" Award for Best Screenplay, and Special Jury Mention(s).


This international festival of the new millennium is aimed at promoting and presenting cultural knowledge and trends recorded through contemporary film & video technologies made by professional authors from European and neighbouring countries, Great Britain, Americas, Canada, Scandinavia, Asia, Africa, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Balkan countries and the other parts of the world. Screenings will be held in places of the City of Strumica, RN Macedonia. The festival has a tendency to exchange audiovisual ideas and messages between world/European/domestic filmmakers and the festival public.

In selecting films, organizers will concentrate equally on both artistic merits and actually expressing content. The Organizer will accept the selected applications for films on contemporary digital technique. The organizer will be free of all obligations whatsoever to enter such a film for the selection. Works praising racism or pornography are not accepted.

The Artistic Director will decide on the admission and selection of any film to the Competition projections. English subtitles are recommended on the copies for preview.

We have three main categories with selections of the best new short fiction, short docs and animation shorts by authors from all world regions, produced 2022 and 2023.

TRIBUTES (Films dedicated to authors and themes), MERRY-DIONS (Special themes), student films, domestic films and some other programmes. For these categories, there is no limited length, but we prefer short and middle-length duration. The list of films accepted to the competition run and to the special programs will also be published on the Festival website and on the other advertising materials.

The International Festival Jury will award the Grand Prix – GOLDEN Horseshoe, SILVER and BRONZE Horseshoe, ACO ALEKSOV Author Award, GJORGI ABADZIEV Screenplay Award. The Festival board awards the ASTER Honorary Award and other SPECIAL AWARDS for continual (or lifetime) achievement in International/European/World filmmaking and in the field of author’s film art. There are some Gratitudes and Recommendations, Jury Merity Mentions, Publics Choices etc.

Films in the Competition may be additionally shown no more than two times during the Festival activities. Any other screenings require special permission from the producer or author.

The film author will be invited to present the film, as a special AsterFest guest.

The submission of a film for participation in the AsterFest will be taken to mean acceptance of the conditions of these rules. Decisions in all matters not covered by these Regulations shall be taken by the Organizers represented by the official Festival Direction but in accordance with additional AsterFest rules. When applied, the Production or Distribution Company and the Author - the lender of the base (film) declare to be empowered by the Production Company to lend the base (film). The person named in this point commits to refrain from withdrawing from the Festival. The base (film) is lent to the Festival on double condition that the Festival strictly abides by The AsterFest Regulations & Codex, organization activities of Revolution Production and the additional clauses agreed upon by this Film Entry Form. The applicant also gives permission to the Organizer for the use 10 (ten) seconds from the film for the festival trailer. The digital copy of the film print will be kept in the Archive of the AsterFest and will be used for research and educational aims.

If the film is selected, applicants must send online (via e-mail, Vimeo, WeTransfer or a similar way) a clear HD format of the film: HD H264 encoded Quicktime movie, and other attached materials (srt. file with English subtitles, very short synopsis in English, film photos, poster, trailer).