One of the most traditional disability film festivals worldwide, Brazil’s International Disability Film Festival (Assim Vivemos) is a biennial event that takes place in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Brasília, with two full weeks of screenings in each city, always providing all accessibilities: audio-description, sign language in the panels, and subtitles in the films. Known as the pioneer event in Brazil offering audio-description in all sessions, our festival strongly mobilizes the community of people with disability as well as schools and college students, and professionals related to accessibility, inclusion and other issues of people with disability.

The festival concedes five jury’s awards and one audience award (to the winner of the poll in the three cities). The jury’s members are people with disability, and filmmakers/actors/writers. In each edition, our jury has to create new awards categories in order to highlight the specific qualities of the awarded films. The trophy was created by the renowned blind artist Virginia Vendramini.

9th Brazil´s International Disability Film Festival – Assim Vivemos

1. The Festival
1.1 The main objective of the 9th Brazil's International Disability Film Festival is to promote and encourage positive ways of seeing people with disabilities. By disability, we mean any physical, sensorial or intellectual impairment. We accept films of any duration, genre and production date dealing with this issue. We do NOT select films about mental health disorders, addiction, and other related themes.
1.2 The 9th Brazil's International Disability Film Festival will take place in Rio de Janeiro in September, in Brasília in October, and in São Paulo in November 2019.

2. Submission and Preview Material

2.1 Submissions are opened until May 20th, 2019. Only upon receipt of all requested material, the online submission will be valid.
2.1.1 Submit the film through the site FilmFreeway:
2.2 The preview material consists in:
2.2.1 At least three pictures or digital images of the film (minimum resolution 300 DPI, JPEG or TIF);
2.2.2 Director’s short curriculum;
2.2.3 Full transcriptions of the original dialogue list in the original language and in English (mandatory) and in other languages also, if it’s available. If the film has audio-description, please send us the text.
2.2.4. Upload the film at FilmFreeway (

2.3 There is no submission fee.

3. Selection, Formats, and Deadline for Selected Films
3.1 All participants will be notified of the Festival Organization’s decision on June 20th, 2019.
3.2 If your film is selected you must upload a high-quality video file WITHOUT subtitles. (We are going to insert subtitles in Portuguese in the screening files.)
3.3 The copies for the screenings of the selected films must be received until June 25th, 2019.
3.4 After the selection, upload a printed and signed copy of the entry form.

4. Divulgation
4.1 A maximum of three minutes of films extracts will be used for promotional purposes.

5. Jury, Awards, and Screenings
5.1 A jury of three members invited by the Festival Organization will judge the selected films and reward five films in five different categories; in addition, there will be an Audience Award. There will be no cash prize.
5.2 Selected films will be exhibited in all festival circuit, which includes Brazilian cities and also some possible partner countries, like Uruguay, Argentina, and Portugal. Completing the submission form implies the agreement with the screenings in the festival circuit.

6. Final Condition
7.1 Participation in the 9th Brazil’s International Disability Film Festival implies acceptance of all rules and respect of selection conditions and requirements. The Festival Organization will resolve issues not covered by the above conditions.

Submission deadline: May 20th
Selection result: June 20th
Screening copy receiving: June 25th

Overall Rating
  • I attended this festival in Rio in November this year. My film To Watch the Truth in the Eyes was screened four times at the beautiful Bank of Brasil Cultural Centre, and I had four lively Q&A sessions with the local people. It seems that they have a well-formed habit to come to this venue to watch films on disability issues. This is a respected festival with the long tradition of showing good quality films for the local audiences in Rio, Sao Paolo, and Brasilia.

    December 2019