Asia Web Awards 2023. Submissions are open from all over the world.
We are looking for all kinds of feature film, short film, web series, shorts, TIKTOKS, INSTA REELS, web movie/web film(shorts or feature), web serie, web drama, vlogs, trailer, pilot, music video, dance video and PODCAST.

Asia Web Awards has an official partner LA WEBFEST, the very first web series festival in the world, and 50 International Webfests over the world.

Our goals for 2023 are to expand the festival so it can become a viable provider of quality content on an international scale. Our intention is to create a place that nurtures and cultivates upcoming creators. Asia Web Awards is a festival which specifically helps independent filmmakers and creators to raise their visibility through the web.

Category Awards

- - Best Web Series (grand prize)
- - Best Feature Film
- - Best Short Film
- - Best Vlogger Series
- - Best Trailer
- - Best Music Video
- - Best Pilot
- - Best Drone
- - Best Vertical Cinema
- - Best Mobile Shorts
- - Best Dance Video

Genre Awards

- - Best Action
- - Best Animation
- - Best Comedy
- - Best Sketch Comedy
- - Best Drama
- - Best Teen Drama
- - Best Thriller
- - Best Horror
- - Best Reality
- - Best Documentary
- - Best Science Fiction
- - Best Pilot
- - Best Branded
- - Best Musical

Special Awards

- - Michael Ajakwe Pioneer Award

- Best Actor
- Best Actress
- Best Supporting Actor
- Best Supporting Actress
- Best Rising Star
- Best Guest Star
- Best Ensemble Cast
- Best Director
- Best Screenplay
- Best Editor
- Best Cinematographer
- Best Sound Design
- Best Production Design
- Best Costume Design
- Best Special/Visual Effect
- Best Vlogger

- Best Actor / Pilot or Shorts
- Best Actress / Pilot or Shorts
- Best Director / Pilot or Shorts


- Best Comedy Super-Short
- Best Concept Super-Short
- Best Super-Short Creator
- Best Super-Short
- Best Super-Short Series


- Best Story
- Best Writing
- Best Director
- Best Sound Design
- Best Performance

- Best Comedy
- Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
- Best Drama
- Best Anthology
- Best Family
- Best Educational
- Best Game Master
- Best Actual Play

- Best of the Best Fiction Podcast


Each submission form must only be completed on the website.

1. Registration fees are not refundable.
2. Payment can only be taken through the website using Paypal!
Registration fees are in US dollars.

GUIDELINES (Web Series, Feature Film, Short Film, Pilot, Trailer, Music Video)

- We are looking for all kinds of feature, shorts, web series, web film, vlogs, trailer, pilot, music video and dance video.
- Web series & Vlog submission must have at least TWO (2) produced online episodes available to view at the time of entry. Except Feature, Shorts, Music Video, Trailer, Pilot, VR360, Drone, Dance video.
- For Web Series Episodes cannot exceed 30 minutes in length except Web Film(Feature length). Series with individual episodes exceeding 30 minutes in length are welcome to submit shortened version(s) of an episode(s) for the purpose of festival admission.
- Please choose the genre that best represents your series even if your series can be classified under more than one category. No duplicate submissions can be taken under a different category. You must pay extra fees for the multi-categories.
- Entries that are not in English must be dubbed in English or have English subtitles.
- Judging will be done using a created system in order that all admissions are judge fairly.

GUIDELINES (Fiction Podcast)

1. Fiction Podcast creators: when you join FilmFreeway, you can upload your audio file by categorizing your work as "Music/Songwriting." It's currently the only category that allows you to upload audio-only files (but we're working with FilmFreeway on updating that!) :) So, get your work up and submit to get the film festival experience!
Visit our partner webfest NJ Webfest site: for more detailed instructions.
Contact if you have any questions.

2. There is no length requirement or limit to submit. Quality is our only criteria. So make it good! :) Please note, however, that if you get selected, we may ask for a truncated version of your project for screening purposes, depending on the length of your episodes.

3. If your fiction podcast is in a language other than English, we need you to email us an English transcript after submitting (email it to; include your tracking number in the subject line).

GUIDELINES (TikToks and Reels and Youtube Shorts)

For TikToks, Reels & Shorts, we accept any super-short videos designed for social media TikToks, Instagram Reels & Youtube Shorts . The video should be no longer than 60 seconds.
For the Best Super-Short Series, you must submit at least 3 videos putting together into one video. Each episode should be no longer than 60 seconds.

-Content submitter must be 18 years of age or older.
-Submissions must be the intellectual property of the submitter, and/or their team. No proxy submissions.


-Product reviews

-By submitting to Asia Web Awards, you confirm that you hold the rights to (or are authorized to use) any and all audio and video in your web series. Asia Web Awards will not be held responsible for any claims stemming from the failure of the creator/submitter to properly obtain the rights to material submit and/or screened.
-All Decisions made by Asia Web Awards are final.
-All federal and city laws apply.
-You grant Asia Web Awards the right to use the name, logo and content of your web series for awards presentations, highlight reels, and promotional material.
-Asia Web Awards reserves the right to amend guidelines, selection criteria, awards, screening, and activities if necessary.

Overall Rating
  • Excellent organization and very friendly team.

    March 2023
  • JJ Erenberg

    One of the best festivals at the circuit! Thank you for everything.

    December 2021
  • krishand rk

    Wonderful festival and kickass array of web series.

    December 2021
  • Dani Di Donato

    Very good festival! Amazing Organization, communication and Organization. Thanks for the direct selection!

    December 2021
  • Caris Vujcec

    A great presentation online with content from around the world! We were so grateful to be a part of the curation and enjoyed the announcement, nominations and awards ceremony! Thank you Asia Web Awards!

    December 2021