Ethnocultural diversity and regional intersubjectivity make Asia an insightful cinematographic landscape of plural heritage, shared legends, crisscrossing pasts and intertwined futures. From text to visuals, art to craft, facts to fiction, rhyme to romance, the region has a bounty of stories and a plethora of story tellers.

The Asia Peace Film Festival – a continental social enterprise is dedicated to creating a communicational forum of visual, artistic, aesthetic and cultural inter-subjectivity of Asian societies. This time around, ASIA TELLS ITS OWN STORY


The Asia Peace Film Festival intends to look beyond the meta-narratives of power, counter-power, conflict and history. We set to explore the depth of ordinariness and celebrate the beauty of smallness— by sharing people’s everyday stories, micro-histories and subaltern narratives weaving a multifaceted web of community life.

Indeed, film is a form of art which has the lens to dive deeper and capture beneath the surface of truth and trial. Film and other visual arts can, therefore, potentially explore the unchartered territories of creative content and tell a thousand stories about the alternative histories of justice, reciprocity, co-existence and plurality.

The Asian nightingales sing panchatantra, jatka, hazarafsan, alif-laila, lilan chanesar, heer and so on but the story never ends; it only traverses into another story waiting to be told.

Asia Peace Film Festival picks these threads of the unending tales and tells the missing story by tracing imprints on the sands of time; breaking the chains of history of hatred, and exploring possibilities of better, cooperative and peaceful future. We earnestly lean to learn: how to celebrate diversities and how to harness harmony within and beyond.
Let’s dream together, let’s experience together, let’s make a story, another story, an alternative story….

Let’s join hands to build a more peaceful Asia, and let’s make a film for peace!

Awards & Prizes

Following five awards would be decorated:

- Best short film
- Best animation
- Best documentary
- Best micromentaty
- Best Community@Peace film
- Best student film

Apart from the films, eligible participants who played a vital role in making their film a hit but could not win the best film award must receive the following:

- Best Cinematography
- Best Screenplay
- Best Background score
- Best Director
- Best Art Director
- Best Post/editing

Rules & Terms

1) Every entry will be evaluated on the basis of the production standard, production style, sound and visual treatment, production quality and type of equipment used.

2) All finalists in different categories will be nominated as per the jury’s decision.

3) Certificate of acknowledgement of participation would be awarded to all participating teams.

4) Decision of the Jury would be the final word for selection of all finalists for all categories including selection for screening.

5) Work in progress can be considered as long as it meets the deadline of the festival.

6) Once filmmakers submit their film, it means that they accept all rules and terms and agree that APFF can use their film data in order to develop its services, media products, promotional material, information kits etc.

7) By submitting your film through the laid down process you are agreeing to share the screening rights with APFF.

8) All entries must follow appropriate copyright clearances and credit protocols (i.e. music, images, scripts, screenplays, sources, references etc). Failure to do so will result in the entry being disqualified from the competition.

9) The shortlisted films would be announced through APFF website but finalists would be announced on the last day of the Festival i.e. September 23, 2017. Any change in this sequence would be notified through APFF website.

10 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Vikram Ahluwalia

    Very pleased that our film thepianistofyarmouk.com was part of this important festival and its wonderful selection of films. Thanks!

    November 2017
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    Mehdi Boostani

    This festival is necessary for asia.

    November 2017
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    Sajedur Rahman

    Very nice well communicative professional Festival indeed... Glad to be part of it... Love from Bangladesh...

    October 2017
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    俊箐 端木

    It's a wonderful festival!!I met a lot of friends and spent very nice 3days in Pakistan.I won't forget every kindness and happiness in Asia Peace Film Festival.Thank you so much.

    October 2017
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    Min Min Hein

    This was a meaningful experience. Festival seriously hold the spirit of peace. Very organized event; people are hospitable, friendly and nice.

    October 2017