Arturo Prins - Buenos Aires, 1972 - He is the producer and director of 6 short films and 5 feature-length documentaries, and freelance director of commercials. He did a workshop with Thomas Vittenberg.
He wrote and directed the following short films:
Very Christmas (2005)
Shown during three weeks in Verdi
movie Theatre in Madrid.
Duration: 20 MIN.
If no one believes in God why we celebrate
Christmas Eve 2001. People do not believe in God.
Not want to hear about him or his son Jesus
Christ. What sense have being together at
Christmas? What are we celebrating? Responsible
for all quoted me at the Palace Hotel on the
morning of that Christmas.
Strike 2 (2006)
A young student arrives to bouffet of a
university where she match with a
strange Moroccan. This seems to ignore
Western manners to steal her food.
Surprised, she will attempt to educate
him by the example of share. But reality
always strikes. Sometimes, even twice.
You are never too tolerant. There is
always someone more tolerant willing to
prove it.
Dedicated to all the immigrants who builts the progress and welfare of Spain.
Won The Second Prize of CineExplora Toyota Yaris, with a 9,000€ grant to study in The European Film School of Denmark, premiered at the Ideal Multiplex Theatres for a month in all rooms Cineplex of Spain and selected in various international competitions.
Gemini (2012)
Duration: 10 min.
FORMAT: HD 1920 x 1080
A promise of happiness emerges slowly. As slick
as the surface of water in a pond, Hanna and
Piset are opened as two lotuses in Angkor Wat,
A sacred love?
A profane love?
Humano, demasiado humano (2012)
Duration: 13 min.
Format: full Hd 1920 x 1080
Human, too Human is a shortcut invoking
Nietzschean free spirit through a body of
provocation. The Venus of Crete; a body of
beauty within a philosophical body walking
around Crete island in healthy tension.
Together nurtured in freedom, nudity and
boldness. A fantasy and a tribute to Friedrich
Nietzsche and Lou Andreas Salomé.
3 Lights. A letter to politicians (2013)
Duration 30min.
Format: HD 1920 x 1080
3 lights. A Letter to the politicians, talk about
what we are as social body directly responsible
for the political power, which is not
disassociated from us but deeply connected. We
are all them in a way. Many of us would steal a
mobile-phone, just found on the street, and
many of us piss in doorways outside. That is our
political and social modus operandi from root,
but with less power. It's just a matter of
opportunity to bring out a greater capacity for
corruption. But Spanish is unreflective. This
movie is a letter from a potential emigrant, a
piece for everyone. 3 lights represent three
enlighted archetypes of a desperate Spain, a
mystical angry, dejected and lucid: Javier. A
sceptical survivor, and is placed on the role of a
mother despite being single, and her brilliant
analysis of our lack of responsibility. And finally a
fool, whom from a bathroom explains what a
politician should be.
The delivering seas (2016)
Duration 29 min.
Format: HD 1920 x 1080
In a continuous observation of everyday life in
the sea of the Gulf of Thailand, on the island of
Koh Chang, a calendar of miracles is happening
at the edge of a beach and are registered as mini
stories, a visual massage or a set of dances of
the nature.
In this string of small wonders, the camera as a
cinéma-oeile is following the strange beings that
the sea brings us from the hand of composers
such as Debussy, Cage, Bartok and Ligeti.
Not only tourists from Siberia come to these
waters or sellers of coco-sculptures, but also
water nymphs, jellyfish, beautiful insects and
strange sea creatures that inhabit the beaches of
Southeast Asia.
It all starts with the deafening sound of crickets
in the Cambodian jungle, in Angkor Wat, and
ends in Mahahual with a strange character in the
Mexican Caribbean beaches, where giant cruise
ships dock at its port with a beautiful lighthouse.
As director of feature films, he has produced and directed the
documentary essay on the terrorist attack in Madrid on March 11, 2004.
Boomerang 11M (2008)
Duration: 75min.
Format: video pal 720 x 576
The major attack that our country has
experienced, the fateful March 11, and the
social and political turmoil that resulted in
the following
Selection in Intercontinental Competition
World Premiere Philippine Film Festival
Birth Date
June 15, 1972
Birth City
Buenos Aires
Current City
"En el cine, muy rápidamente, con la influencia americana que todo el mundo aceptó, una parte de ese trabajo documental se abandonó. Enseguida se tendió al espectáculo, que no era más que la misión final, digamos la misa de la película. En las películas de ahora, se celebra la misa y ya no se hace la oración. Los grandes artistas, los artistas honestos, dicen primero su oración, y después está la misa, con un público más o menos fiel. Los americanos han reglamentado la misa. Lo que les importa de la misa es la colecta: una buena misa es una misa con iglesia llena, que da una gran colecta."
– Jean-Luc Godard
Arturo Prins - Buenos Aires, 1972 - He is the producer and director of 6 short films and 5 feature-length documentaries, and freelance director of commercials. He did a workshop with Thomas Vittenberg.
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