This is a LOCAL film conference located at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas. The conference will be held in Stanley Russ, Room 103.

Artists in Motion (AIM) is proud to present an event which brings together the Film Community AND the Art Community for a once in a life-time conference!

Featuring local Arkansas Film specialists as guest speakers: Amos Cochran, Warren McCoullough, Daniel Campbell, Les Galusha, Werner Triesmann, Tim Jackson and Graham Gordy. Little Rock, SCORE, who are retired CEOs will also be on the scene to help Artists who want to start their own business but not sure how to get started.

This conference is specifically designed for Film Makers, Theater Majors, Music, Writers, Photography and Business Majors (interested in the Arts).

Seating is very limited. Please RSVP NLT March 20, 2016.

General Assembly: $3.99 (includes dinner)
Gold Package: $7.99 (includes dinner, special coupons and individual interviews)!!


*Gold Package Members: Please submit your portfolio by email to It must contain an official head shot, your resume and a listing of all of your film credits or work completed. You must submit a video clip of either a demo reel, a partial sample of a current work (all genres are fine) and it must be no longer than 2-4 minutes in length. It must be in either an mpeg4 form AND either a YouTube or Vimeo link and in a visual format. Here are the ONLY accepted forms of the videos accepted for submission and review: (film projects, photography, writing, art, music videos, theater monologues). Due to time constraints, any submissions not adhering to these standards will NOT be accepted. If you have any questions regarding these submission requirements, please contact us at: or go to our website: on our Contact Us page. To RSVP, contact SJ Harnsberry @