Fashion film festival is organised by non-profit "Artfools". Artfools company also organises "International film festival - Artfools".
This year we decided to make another event about fashion. Short movies about fashion.
It can be a directors movie, or a brand's short movie, you name it. no restrictions.

Short films (first projection or not), lasting 20 minutes maximum: fiction, documentary and animation. The theme is "ECOLOGY in/and FASHION"
Advertising films from fashion brands are also accepted.

Closing date for submissions: August 15th 2018

VENUE:Institut Fran├žais Larissa. ADDRESS: KOYMA 28, L├írissa, Larisa, Greece
Seychelles venue.Address:Koumoundourou Larissa.

The '' Eco Fashion" film festival will include screenings of films.
Specifically: It includes two days with continuous flow projections in a specially designed area.
In between, various fashion happenings:
costume exhibition
photo exhibition on fashion and cinema.

3 awards for first 3 movies.

Films from fashion or clothing brands will be awarded separately.

Premier or not. Movie must be MAX 20mins , theme :ECO FASHION. (fashion and ecology, ecology in fashion, recycling clothing, materials)

Films that contain solely runway are not accepted.

please make sure your movie is downlodable. (dailymotion,filmfreeway etc)

Overall Rating
  • I was very happy to learn that our short film The Nature of the Flame was accepted into Artfools... certainly my Actresses and our costume collaborator 'fall into fashion' so to speak. I have not seen an update about the festival in a while... hope it was great - MIKE

    April 2017