International Poetry Film Festival dedicated to all genres of poetry short films: experimentals, schrift films, animations and essay films. Side program with international films, performances & lectures. The festival will take place bi-annually alternating to the German Poetry Film Festival ZEBRA.

- "SPECIAL AWARD" after a given festival poem
- 2 honorable mentions

information about prize-money will follow.

- We are looking for literary short films in the genre "poetry film" (lenght 2-20 minutes)
- The main poetry film competition dedicated to German speaking countries. We accept films back to 10 years (production year 2007). German language is wanted, but not requested. English or German subtitles are required. Please check carefully, if you can meet this criteria!

- The second poetry film competition is dedicated to a given festival poem (2017: Rainer Maria Rilkes' love poem "To Lou Andre Salome". All films have to use this poem. You can download it as a recording for free from the festival homepage. For the SPECIAL AWARD we accept entries from all over the world.

- Do not send us any films, which have been already submitted to us previously.

People, this is Poetry Film Festival! Were are only looking for literary art and poetry films.

More information upcoming!

Overall Rating
  • Andrea Capranico

    Amazing festival and unique experience in Vienna!

    November 2017