Art Quake Kyoto is a bi-annual international art event featuring a juried art show which includes paintings, sculptures, installations, digital art and a special section on cinematic arts. This event presents an array of exceptional works by artists from different parts of the world whose artworks, speak of the creators’ own diverse social and cultural backgrounds, differing beliefs and economic situations. These are unified by one common purpose and that is to inspire. And as everyone derives inspiration, we may yet hope for Universal Peace since ‘an inspired society will not create war.’

Art Quake Creativity Prize for Painting, Sculpture, Digital Art, Installation and Cinematic Arts. Three Art Quake Peace Prizes are awarded to artists whose lifetime works in the arts have advocated peace. Winners of previous Art Quake Peace Prize are excluded in the selection for this category. The Grand Prix Award for Creative Excellence will be awarded to an artist who has shown a consistent creation of quality works in his chosen medium.

Best Cinematic Art (Short Animation, Feature, Documentary & Experimental Films )
Best Digital Art (Photography, Graphic Arts, Animation)
Best in Painting (Water Color, Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media)
Best in Sculpture (All kinds of Materials)
Best in Installation Art (Video Installations, 3 D installations)
Art Quake Kyoto Biennale Grand Prix
Art Quake Kyoto Peace Prize
Special Art Quake Kyoto Jury Prize
Selected films will be screened at a Special section of the Kyoto Museum during the Art Quake Kyoto 2019 Creativity Biennale.
Award winners will be given a Plaque and a week-long artist residency in Turkey which will include free lodging in one of the art residences managed by Art Quake and assistance from Art Quake staff and friends. (The total value of which shall be 10,000US Dollars). This week-long artist residency for every winner shall not be exchanged for cash.

The Art Quake Kyoto invites Artists, Filmmakers, Producers and Distribution Companies Art Agents to submit their creative works in the following categories:

A. Cinematic Arts (Short Films)
Accepted works: animation, live action, documentary, experimental
Technical Specifications
Length: not more than 30 minutes
all genres
Format: DCP, MP4,
Color and/or Black and White
Dialogue and/or no-Dialogue
Films with dialogues, which are not in English should be sub-titled in English.

Only the person submitting the movie is entitled to this competition.
All movies in a language other than English must have standard English subtitles.

B. Non-Cinematic Artworks (Painting, Sculpture, Digital Art, Installation)
Submission requirements: JPEG with not less than 2MB
Upon payment of application fee, submitted artworks will be reviewed by the selection committee. Artists whose works are selected for the exhibition will be given further instructions regarding the address and contact persons for sending selected artworks for exhibition.
Please note that for non-cinematic artworks, there is an exhibition fee of 500 Euro
All accepted artworks must be ready for hanging or display
a. Painting
Accepted works: Oil, Acrylic, watercolor, mixed media
maximum size: 100cm x 100cm
The maximum number of accepted works per person: 3 paintings which can fit in an area of 1.5 meters (for works beyond this limit), get in touch with the organizers
b. Sculpture
(wood, marble, glass & ceramic)
maximum height 100cm, length 100, width 100cm
maximum weight 20kg.
the number of works: three sculptures
c. Digital Photography
maximum size: 100cm x 100cm including frame
the maximum number of works: 3 photographs which should fit in 1.5 meters
d. Installations
All installations must be accompanied by clear and specific instructions and will be installed only at the presence of the artist

Participants will take care of the transport of their own works to reach the organizers not later than the 23rd of August.
a. Participants hand carrying their works must handover their works to the organizers on the 23rd of August at Hotel Gimmond, or the Museum of Kyoto between 10:00-12:00 at the Museum of Kyoto
b. Participants sending works but are not attending the exhibition must send their art pieces to reach Kyoto not later than the 23rd of August. Instructions regarding address will be advised upon acceptance to the exhibition.
c. Any customs duties shall be the responsibility of the participants themselves. Please refer to the Japanese rules regarding this matter.


Applications are reviewed daily until the deadline. Artists from various regions around the globe had been assigned to coordinate and review submitted artworks and to coordinate the participating artists during the exhibition. The application may close ahead of the deadline once the required number of qualified participants is reached.

Overall Rating
  • Yujiro Seki

    We (the documentary film Carving the Divine - Buddhist sculptors of Japan) were honored to receive Best in feature-length Film Award at Art Quake Kyoto. Not only the event was highly organized but also it is a rare opportunity to present a work in a prestigious museum like the Museum of Kyoto. The organizer treats filmmakers like a family. We felt we were treated with dignity and respect. We cannot wait to be a part of it again in the near future.

    November 2019
  • We were honoured to not only have our film, "My Day" selected and screened every day at the 2019 Art Quake Kyoto Creativity Biennale of Art Exhibitions & Film Festival but also be awarded the best in short feature film. We are thankful to the Art Quake team for their support and encouragement. We look forward to their future festivals and hope to participate again in the future.

    September 2019
    Response from festival:

    Dear Jamie,
    We are equally honored by your participation and more importantly, getting to know you and your dedicated team has made a big difference. It was our first time to include cinematic arts in the Art Quake Kyoto event and therefore we were faced with Herculian tasks. I wish to thank you dearly for generously involving yourself and your friends especially Marife for volunteering time and effort with so much idealism and sincerity. May your tribe increase.
    We would be happy to collaborate with you in our future endeavors not only in Japan but in other countries as well.
    Thank you.
    Fond Thoughts,
    Art Quake Kyoto 2019

  • Odette Laramee

    Art Quake Kyoto 2019 receives my highest accolades. The opportunity to present my experimental film, 'nameless', during this Biennale at the Kyoto Museum is certainly an honour. Early receipt of the invitation to take part in this event, which includes artists from numerous visual arts disciplines whose work has been selected for outstanding quality as well as a focus on inspiring each of us to work toward global peace, allowed time for application for funding to attend. I acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts for their support in providing a Travel Grant. Upon arrival in Kyoto, the reception by Artistic Directriss, Rowena M. Ulayan Tuzcuoglu, and Local Coordinator in Japan, Aya Sakai, was very professional and moreover welcoming and heartfelt. I have been deeply inspired by their commitment to the arts and their understanding of the important place fostering creative work has in our collective future.

    September 2019
    Response from festival:

    Dear Odette,
    We have all tried our best and despite and in spite of the many difficulties we have to face, we could look back happily and grateful that we have gained friends like you who share our advocacy with passion. I believe that there is so much we can do to make this world a beautiful place to live in. All we have to do is try without our own vested interests but with the enthusiasm at just being alive, able to participate and inspire.
    Thank you for being there with us and for not giving up despite the long process you have to go through to come to Kyoto.
    Your work was one of my favorites and hope to show it in our other festivals. Please keep inspiring others and be the torchlight for everyone around you.
    Best Regards,
    Art Quake Kyoto 2019

  • A great opportunity which could see interesting films.

    September 2019
    Response from festival:

    Dear Atobe san,
    I wish you all the best with your future endeavors. Your film has reflected the great potential for creativity and wish to encourage you to continue. We hope that you will always use your talent to inspire others especially young people like yourself.
    Best wishes,
    Art Quake Kyoto 2019

  • martin del carpio

    Very unique and expressive film festival with lots to offer!

    September 2019
    Response from festival:

    Dear Martin,
    Greetings from Istanbul.
    We would have loved to have you in our midst. We hope we will be able to show your film in our other film festivals with your presence.
    See you next time.
    Art Quake Kyoto 2019