Armchair Sports

In this reality competition comedy series, die-hard sports fans compete in pro-level sports challenges for prizes and bragging rights.

▪ ARMCHAIR SPORTS is ABC’s “Holey Moley” meets Spike TV’s “Pros vs Joes”

▪ You know that fan…the one who constantly yells at their team from their armchair or stadium seat “You idiot!! How did you miss that?! I could have made that shot!!” Yeah, that fan. ARMCHAIR SPORTS says, “Prove it buddy! Let’s get your non-athletic butt out of your seat and onto the field, court, and rink and show us what’chagot!”

▪ This reality competition comedy show pits armchair sports fans against each other through pro sports challenges to see if they can “put their money where their mouth is”. Challenges span the pro sports leagues available in the local area: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, etc.

▪ The Stakes: getting eliminated or nabbing a hefty cash prize, sports-related merchandise, and amazing perks.

▪ Starting with 10, non-athletic fans compete over 8 episodes with increasingly difficult challenges. At the end of each episode, the fan with the lowest score is eliminated from competition until only 3 remain. In the final episode, the remaining 3 compete for the grand prize.

  • Heidi Segal
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    United States
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  • The Great American Script Contest (2020)

    1st Place - Reality Series
  • Scriptapalooza TV Writing Competition (2020)

    Finalist - Reality Series
Writer Biography - Heidi Segal

Heidi leverages over 40 years of real life experience as a USAF Veteran and corporate executive to write grounded stories featuring strong female and diverse characters. Her scripts have earned over 40 awards & selections incl. HollyShorts, Flickers' RIIFF, Script Summit, & Scriptapalooza and had a short film in the 2017 Cannes Short Film Corner. She is a recent grad of the NYFA Producing Program.

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