AGIFF is planned and executed annually under the supervision of Abdolreza Kahani. Kahani is an Iranian screenwriter and movie director who has achieved several accolades globally and has been recognized as an award-winning filmmaker in international film festivals.
Kahani left Iran in 2016 under a constant pressure of censorship and after many of his movies were banned from being publicly released.
After a few years of living in France and making films in exile, Kahani moved to Canada and established ARK GATE FILMS company, with the goal of continuing his passion in movie production.

We proudly present the Crystal Arkab for ARK GATE FILMS international film festival as an award.
The 4 awards are: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actor.
The winners will be decided by students of ARK GATE FILMS school of cinema.
We have planned a unique final celebration for the festival in the beautiful cottage where both workshops and the festival will take place.