I have a passion to connect with the audience and communicate with the world. As a visionary, creative cinematographer and filmmaker with passion for performing arts and independent films,.
I support, encourage and nurture unique and creative expressions in performing and visual arts including motion picture landscape. I believe in the power of these mediums to change and enrich lives on both sides of the fence, the creator and the recipient.
Work Experience
Lab School of Washington, Washington DC - Short documentary about kids with learning disability – Role: Producer, Director, DP/Cinematographer, Editor.
American Rivers, Washington DC - Arm chair discussion featuring DC Mayor Vincent Gray and former DC Mayor Anthony Williams – Role: Co-producer, Cinematographer, and Co-Editor.
MITRE Corporation, McLean VA - Corporate video contest – Winner of video contest. Role: DP/Cinematographer, Producer, Director, Editor.
Strathmore Hall, Rockville MD - Latin Dance Showcase and competition – Role: DP/Cinematographer, Director, Producer.
Defense Learning Institute, Washington DC – Role: DP/Cinematographer.
Washington DC - Concert series at a private event featuring Bobby Keys (Rolling Stone Sax Player) – Role: DP/Cinematographer, Director, Producer.
National Geographic, Washington DC - TEDx event featuring 21 guest speakers. This event was streamed live and is currently showcased as a featured video on TED.com – Role: Cinematographer.
Goethe Institute, Washington DC - TEDx youth event featuring Duke Ellington School of Arts – Role: DP/Cinematographer, Producer, Director, co-editor.
Lincoln Theater, Washington DC - City Dance special dance performance – Role: Cinematographer.
Stone Soup Film, Washington DC - Celebration event in honor of Ayuda's 40th year – Role: Cinematographer.
Ever After “Resurrection”, a featured action film by an independent film maker- Role: Assistance DP, assistant technical director, sound, and lighting.
Story House Production, Washington DC – Producing a 12 episode TV show for Discovery channel – Role: Assistant Cinematographer, Assistant Gaffer, Actor.
 Story House Production, Washington DC – Fictional documentary trailer – Role: Actor
 Arlington Independent Media (public access cable station) – Producing variety of cable shows, Role: Studio Camera Operator, Technical Director, Producer, Sound Engineer, and Video Switcher.
 Mobile Production, Broadcasting/filming on location sport events, concerts, community events.
 DOC in a Day: A 48hrs film festival sponsored by Stone Soup films, Media Rise and Pivot Cable Channel – Role: Producer, Director, Cinematographer, and Gaffer.
 DC 48 hour’s film festival - Role: Assistant Camera and Lead Location Sound Engineer. This production won the audience award as well as being recognized as the 10 best 48HFP out of 120 entries for 2014.
 Ever After Scene X, a Violent Hues production – Role: Co-Producer, Actor, AC
 Escolania de Montserrat concert, Strathmore Hall – Role: DP, Technical director
 International Trio Concert/Music Video – Role: Director, Producer
 SOS Poseidon, A golden eyes production – Role: Screen writer, Director, Producer
Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts, Washington DC Campus - Digital Film Production
TV Studio Production Certificate – Cable Channel TV Studio Production; Operating Studio Cameras, Production Switches, Character Generators, Studio Audio Mixer, Studio Lighting and Technical Directing
Field Production Certificate – Field Cinematography/Videography Production Services
Mobile Production Certificate – Cable Channel TV Truck production covering; Sports, Local Events, Entertainments, Local Government activities etc.
Drone Operation Certificate – Montgomery College
University of Phoenix, Rockville MD campus, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Film Production Skill Sets
Software: Final Cut Pro 7, FCPX, Microsoft Office, Motion Graphics
Camera: Sony PMW EX-1/EX3, Nikon D800, Canon; T3i, 7D, 5D Mark III, Blackmagic Cinema camera, Sony FS7, Canon C300
Lighting: Full Complement of Lighting Gears and Kits: Arri studio and field light kit, Kino Flo, L.E.D. light panel, Kino Diva 201, Lowell field kit
Audio: Sound Mixer boards and portable filed sound kit, Filed Media Recorders, Shotgun microphones, Wireless Lavaliere microphones, Boom, Sound blanket, Variety of filed and studio microphones
Video: Video Switcher
Skilled and Knowledgeable of video & audio codecs and formats, QuickTime, WMV, MP4, PCM, H.264
Memberships and Associations
Member of Arlington Independent Media
Member of Television Internet Video Association (TIVA)
Acting Profile
Height: 6’ Hair: Black Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Weight: 195 lbs. Eyes: Dark Brow Languages: English, Persian, Spanish, And Turkish
 Story House Production: 12 episode TV production for Discovery Channel (Addicted to the life): Playing two acting roles
• Episode 9: Detective
• Episode 12: Investigative news reporter
 Story House Production: This was a major trailer for a German TV and EU market for an upcoming fictional documentary. Acting role: NASA Lead Scientist
 Violent Hues Production: Acting Role: Gang member
  • Producer (1 Credit)
    SOS Poseidon 2017
    Documentary, Experimental, Short
  • Writer (1 Credit)
    SOS Poseidon 2017
    Documentary, Experimental, Short
  • Director (1 Credit)
    SOS Poseidon 2017
    Documentary, Experimental, Short
I have a passion to connect with the audience and communicate with the world. As a visionary, creative cinematographer and filmmaker with passion for performing arts and independent films,.
Résumé & Attachments
Résumé & Attachments