Dive In

‘Dive In’ is a story of an arctic fox in pursuit of a dream in the harsh, unforgiving Arctic tundra. The fox’s goal is to catch an elusive lemming, who always manages to remain just out of reach. On its journey, the arctic fox encounters a number of obstacles that present potentially disastrous consequences. The film follows the journey of the fox, who refuses to be deterred, and chooses to face these obstacles head on and remain relentlessly optimistic while chasing its dream.

  • Dhruv Sachdeva
  • Clifford Afonso
  • Clifford Afonso
  • Dhruv Sachdeva
  • Humour Me Private Limited
  • Aradhana Mathews
    Music Score
  • Gaurav Chintamani
    Score Arrangement
  • Gaurav Chintamani
    Sound Design & Mixing
  • Shubham Singla
    Film Editor
  • Vrinda Sood
    CG Lead
  • Swatantra Dubey
    CG Executive Producer
  • Nishant Saxena
    Technical Director
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  • Genres:
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 45 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 15, 2019
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  • YouTube
    Country: India
    Rights: Internet
Director Biography - Dhruv Sachdeva, Clifford Afonso

Having grown up in an advertising and entrepreneurial household, Dhruv Sachdeva had close exposure to the media and advertising industry from an early age. Dhruv pursued Music, Drama & Theater Studies, and Film in his formative years and was active in the Delhi theatre scene as well. He went on to lead the charge in helping The Comedy Store (now the Canvas Laugh Factory) with its marketing and programming efforts, shortly after which he founded Humour Me, India’s first branded entertainment agency. He has since directed multiple films in different genres and formats (animation, live actions, documentary shorts, etc.) for national brand campaigns. His work includes films like “Rizwan”, and “Hope, the Boat”, created for Paper Boat, “The Grandmasters”, created for 1mg, and the “Leadership Series” for Xiaomi India. Dhruv has also conceptualized and directed live theatre shows such as “7 Days to Wonderland” (India’s first English musical to scale) and “Ghost Stories” (India’s first live horror showcase).

As the Sr. Creative Director of Humour Me, Clifford Afonso started his journey in the field of Musical Theatre with more than 100 shows under his belt. In the time it was only inevitable for him to explore and apply his talents to the medium of film as a writer and director. He has till date directed some of the company’s most notable work, the likes of which have won multiple national and international awards.

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Director Statement

‘Dive In’ was an extremely ambitious idea. We had seen David Attenborough’s Planet Earth series and fallen in love with the arctic fox as an animal. In this documentary, one sees this snowy little bundle of joy striving to survive in harsh climatic conditions despite the odds. The arctic fox also has an extremely unique hunting style, where it leaps up and dives head first into the snow to try and catch its prey (usually lemmings). The documentary shows this creature continuing to dive into the snow, to the point where its failure is almost tragic. By the end of it, one can’t help but feel sad for this animal. Watching it dive in again and again with the same optimism makes us (the audience) feel it will never succeed. And then, it surprises us! It finally succeeds when we least expect it and proves us all wrong. This singular focus and relentless optimism inspired us to make this animation film.

The arctic fox is the perfect embodiment of how anybody successful in the world achieved their goals. The film aims to highlight a very simple fact that most of us have forgotten in this digital and instant age - there is no such thing as an overnight success!

It takes a deep commitment to a singular focus, constant perseverance, and above all else, relentless optimism despite the odds. This message is extremely important today more than ever before when so many young people are giving up on their dreams before they’ve even tried. As much as the smartphone and the internet is the single greatest thing that has happened to the human race, one can’t ignore the fact that we are a generation of instant gratification. No matter what we want, we can get it at the push of a button. The minute we need to work hard for something, fail, struggle and persevere, we bail. The truth is there are no short cuts to your dreams, and if one wants to succeed one has to continue to dive in. There is no guarantee you will succeed, but if you don’t dive in, you surely won’t!