May Apizsara Praisin / Bangkok Based Director
Born and raised in Thailand, May Apizsara began working in a post-production company, which is producing commercial films in South East Asia.
Her wonderful sense of storytelling and stunning visuals with the masterful use of color got her talent noticed early on her in her career, when she participated in MOFILM London. She later went on to direct for Chevrolet FC, bagging an honorable award along the way. These wins, combined with the passion that May has for the medium of film, led her to make the decision of launching her career as a film director.
This decision led May to new and exciting places- several thousand miles away from Thailand to Los Angeles. On her ongoing journey into honing her directorial voice, May took directing & acting classes, and finish the film internship from All in Film company, to nurture her directing skill.
Residing in Los Angeles and being surrounded by talented people has motivated May to push herself beyond her artistic boundaries, She has also directed music videos and short films, which has resulted in a remarkable degree of success for the blossoming director.
Birth Date
October 17, 1990
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I have always been motivated by a lot of great films. I hope that my films can do the same to other people.
May Apizsara Praisin / Bangkok Based Director