Anya Bay is a Russian born American Writer and Producer. She came to the US at the age of 17 on her own in the hopes of making the world a better place through the power of filmmaking. Anya started her journey working on various films, commercials, music videos as a Production Coordinator then Manager, and eventually Producer.
Being a passionate storyteller, having a great sense of humor and charisma, Anya decided it was time to tell her own stories and she started learning the craft of screenwriting. She has co-written her first couple of screenplays for thriller/horror features (“Agony”, “Snowbound”), followed by serious dramatic pieces (“I Am Normal”, “Underloved”) and eventually she found herself wanting to transition into the comedy & TV. Anya has written pilots for a RomCom “Love Sucks”, that was painfully based on her dating life and also a Comedy-Drama “Legally Blind” about an immigration attorney - a subject she also knows a bit about.
Anya feels that her strength as a screenwriter is the ability to create an original and gripping storyline through punchy actions and believable dialogue of complex and relatable characters. Being born in the USSR and raised with a father who is a Psychotherapist certainly adds to her non-judgmental and humorous writing style.
Anya’s main goals in the industry are delivering meaningful messages to the audiences, making a positive impact and also strengthening the community of female filmmakers.