An unlawful marriage

The events of the film revolve around the character of Aida, a divorced physician who gets to know Omar, a famous divorced and handsome broadcaster. As the pair fall in love, they encounter disapproval from all their friends who believe they are not suited for each other. Aida is a conventional and a conservative woman, and believes that romantic relationships should end in marriage contrary to Omar who considers marriage a prison. Omar tries to change Aida’s ideas to suit his lifestyle, Aida does change, but she adheres to her principles that she believes in. Omar separates from her for a while and gets involved with other women more to his taste .He discovers later on that he really loves Aida and misses her, but his arrogance prevents him from confessing. Omar tries to find a solution Suitable for him, so he offers Aida a civil marriage in Italy, and she agrees with difficulty.
However, circumstances prevent Omar from traveling and attending the marriage. Aida believes that he was manipulating her and cuts off all communication with him but she still loves him, Mostafa a wealthy attractive businessman meets Aida by coincidence in Paris, he asks her for marriage and offers her everything she ever wished for …. Omar tries to get her back, will he succeed ?

  • Amal Shafik
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    جواز غير شرعي
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Writer Biography - Amal Shafik

Dr. Amal Shafik is an Egyptian health economist with a medical background. She finished her studies at El Kasr El Einy, Cairo University and obtained a Master degree in Public Health from Berkeley University of California, a Master in Health Management from the Faculty of Medicine and a PhD in Health Economics from The Faculty of Medecine at the University of Heidelberg – Germany . She worked for UNICEF, and later UNDP, and has been a World Bank expert since 2007 to date. She teaches master students at the Faculty of Economics –Cairo University, and taught postgraduates at the American University in Cairo- AUC. She studied film studies and script writing at” Caliber Film Academy “ , in addition to several script writing courses at” Alkhan Academy “ , recently she took part in a specialized film script writing course with the known writer Ahmed Mourad at the” Arab Film Academy”

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Writer Statement

This is my first movie, I wrote the story and the script and hope to share it with others on the silver screen. The main idea of the story is an existential question “ Is our fate the result of the choices we make in life or the result of circumstances ?