Hello! I’m Anne Domning, and I’m an animator who was
born and raised in the California Bay Area. I’ve loved films and
animation for as long as I could remember, but I was actually
never interested in making art as a job until I took a small 2d animation course in high school. Animated films and narrative-based video games gave me a lot of solace during difficult times I had in my life, but I thought I would only be on the receiving end until I had that class. I want my animation to help people going through hard times just as how animation helped me get through and understand life. Since I started seriously considering art as a career later in high school, Ringling gave me that opportunity to hone my skills so my dream could become a reality.
A personal theme in my life is perseverance. I’ve experienced a lot of setbacks in my life, but every time I have pushed through, no matter how hard it is. Much of this was taught by my experience in martial arts. Being willing to push through and working hard for what you have achieved has been a core belief instilled in me by martial arts through many ways- both pushing me mentally and physically with rigorous training. Recently, I have been reminded of that as since last summer I had to get two surgeries for various illnesses. But I’ve pushed through, and I’m excited to see where I go from now!
Ringling College of Art and Design
Computer Animation
Birth Date
December 11, 2000
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