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"Anna" is a short film that delves into the psychological turmoil of a young woman. Upon discovering her role as a third party in a relationship, she is shattered by heartbreak and overwhelmed by a sense of betrayal.

Thrust into an emotional abyss, she begins to question every memory and interaction with Archie, who is in a relationship with Mags. Amidst this anguish, a different version of reality emerges, and Anna becomes convinced that she was violated and that what transpired between her and Archie one Friday night was rape.

The pending case and the fear of being sent to a prison send Archie into a downward spiral, just as he and Mags are starting a new life post-cheating.

The story aims to explore the impact of depression on the psyche of a young, vulnerable individual in the digital age, while it attempts to shed light on the complexity and fragility of modern relationships.

  • Madelaine Miraflor
    Clairvoyant, Limbo
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    Short Script
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Writer Biography - Madelaine Miraflor

Mads Miraflor is a writer, producer, and director whose career has traversed the realms of journalism, strategic communication, and now, filmmaking. With nine years of experience as a journalist and leadership in the communications arm of the Philippines' first ever Innovation Staff, Mads brings exceptional storytelling and strategic skills to her work. She has been writing scripts and producing film projects for Brilliant Jerk Production since 2019, while pursuing an MA in Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines.

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Writer Statement

In crafting this film, my intention is to dive into the world of psychological realism, immersing the audience in the depths of the human psyche while exploring the profound impact of depression on a young and vulnerable individual within the context of the digital age. To convey a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, I plan to extensively utilize close-up shots, bringing the audience intimately close to the characters' emotional experiences.

The visual treatment of the film will employ dark and cold colors to mirror the emotional state of the characters. By strategically incorporating silhouettes, I aim to emphasize their internal struggles and turmoil, allowing viewers to delve deeper into the complexity and fragility of their mental states.

Stylistically, the film will embrace a raw and gritty realism, immersing the audience in the characters' authentic experiences. The dialogue will be raw and flawed, capturing the subtle nuances of human interactions.