Ankur film festival is an annual socio-cultural public event organized by Abhivyakti Media for Development since 2010 in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Ankur came into being to celebrate the cinema of the young. It provides a platform for young and first time film makers to showcase their films.

We believe that spaces to view socially relevant films are not easily available and the culture of viewing documentaries is low on priority. Documentaries need to be encouraged, that's why Ankur exists. Ankur is about valuing our freedom of expression, which manifests in varied alternative forms- short films, documentaries, and experimental features. Ankur believes that there is more to cinema than Entertainment!

- Ankur is a space for celebration, to coexist and learn from each other and therefore is open and free for viewers.
- Every budding film maker needs support and Ankur exists for their cause!
- Ankur is a movement to celebrate the right to being imperfect!
- We believe that all art is an evolving process.
- Telling a story is our right, and there is no 'right' way!

So if you find this interesting, send us your entry and we will be happy to screen your films. We believe you will also enjoy Ankur as we do.

We don't believe in competitions and as such there are no awards to be given. Each filmmaker is unique, and we want Ankur to recognize and honor that spirit! As a token of appreciation, we give a memento and certificate to all participant filmmakers.

1. One film can be entered in one category only. You may send a separate file entry in other categories as well.

2. Each film must be accompanied by a separate entry form and entry fee. The form can be downloaded from

3. The entry fee for film submission shall be Rs. 300/- only per entry only which will be non-refundable.

4. Entry Fee for films under the student's category shall be Rs. 150/- and entry in the student’s film category should be submitted along with a letter from the institute/ the school concerned, failing which the film will not be treated as a student film. Films by students need to fulfill all other requirements as per the festival guidelines.

5. Entries are invited in any language. If the language of the film is other than English, Marathi, or Hindi, it should be subtitled or dubbed in English.

6. All films are required to be submitted in Mpeg 4, h264, or a format compatible with a VLC player in HD resolutions. Efforts will be made to accept a broad range of formats.

7. Entrants may send their entry by post, or courier or may bring it in a Pen drive/ HDD personally as possible or email the film link to along with payment receipts, poster, and other material.

8. The address for correspondence and for sending your films is Abhivyakti Media for Development, 31 A, Kalyani Nagar, Anandwalli, Gangapur Road, Nashik 422013. Phone – 02532346128, Email -

10. The film should have been made from January 2020. A short declaration duly signed by the filmmaker will be treated as evidence of a date stamp and is required as part of the film submission.

11. Films once selected and submitted for the final screening will not be allowed to be withdrawn under any circumstances.

12. Film(s) entered/screened in earlier Ankur / shorter version(s) / revised versions of the film(s) already entered will not be eligible.

13. Films may be entered by any organization/agency or by an individual film producer/director who holds the copyright. It is recommended that any issues arising due to conflict of interest should be settled before sending films and no arguments will be entertained during or post-submission of film entry.

14. Each entry should also contain a promo and trailers (if available) along with high-resolution photographs (jpeg or tiff formats) of the director(s), film stills, film posters, and synopsis of the film in digital format (soft copies). Hard copies are not required. If the requested documents or material is not provided at the time of submission, the film entry will be treated as incomplete and might get rejected.

15. For promotional / publicity purposes, clippings from the film entered in the festival may be shown on local networks and the Internet.

16. The Festival authority will have the right to make copies of DVDs for pre-selection / selection purposes and non-commercial screenings.

17. Ankur Film Festival believes that a film director is a filmmaker and the memento shall be handed over to the filmmaker(s)/ designated representatives only. We also urge filmmakers to inform Ankur Film Festival about the name and designation of the person who would collect the memento at the time of the festival.

18. The memento will not be shipped/couriered to the filmmaker's place under any circumstance.

19. The core committee of the festival will decide the composition of the events, protocol, and screening schedules of the festival and their decision will be final.

20. All matters regarding film selection will be decided by the film selection committee and the film festival authority and its decision in this matter shall be final. Neither the film selection committee/members nor the film festival authority provide any explanation of the non-selection of a particular film entry.

21. Please thoroughly review the rules and regulations, category information, and entry form included. Incomplete entries and entries received after the deadline shall not be accepted. If you have any clarifications, do let us know.

22. Films in the following categories will be accepted for Ankur Film Festival:

1. Documentary Films 2. Community Videos 3. Short films 4. Animation films 5. Experimental Films and 6. Student’s films

Please Note:-
- A community video is one which is filmed with the participation of community members and the ownership of the film is of that community. The issues portrayed in the film are of the interest of that particular community.
- For a film to be treated under the animation category, at least 50 percent or more of the film should consist of animated sequences.
-Mobile films/public service Ads (PSA) and films intended for public cause and not
personal films shall be treated as experimental films.

23. Duration of films:
- Documentary Films can be 45 minutes maximum
- Community Videos and short films can be up to 20 minutes maximum.
- Experimental and Animation films can be up to 10 minutes maximum.

24. Important dates:
a. Regular entries should reach us by 26th November 2023.
b. Entrants shall be notified about the film selection by 30 November 2023 or as early as possible. Only applicants/entrants of films selected in the festival will be informed about their selection.

25. The films sent for the final screening will be retained for the festival archive. Also, CDs / DVDs containing photographs and publicity material received with the entry form will not be returned.

26. The festival authority will have the right to screen films in different cities of Maharashtra on a non-commercial basis.

27. Transportation: The cost of transportation of media and all related documents, and publicity materials to the festival office shall be borne by the entrant. For normal wear and tear of the submission, the festival shall not be responsible. Please review your entries before shipping and kindly ensure that all requirements as per the guidelines are fulfilled.

28. Legal/ Rights of festival authority:
a. Submission of entries implies full acceptance of the rules and regulations, guidelines, and terms of entry.
b. Ankur has the right to change any information contained in this document (including festival dates, venues, events, and eligibility requirements) without further notice.
c. Ankur is under no obligation to provide comments or feedback regarding the submitted film to the applicant or any other representative of the submitted film.
d. All matters regarding the festival will be decided by the festival authority and its decision in these matters shall be final. All matters not mentioned in these regulations will be decided by the festival authority. The discretion to make an exception to any rules and regulations of the festival will rest with the festival authority.
e. Decisions of Ankur core team regarding all matters not expressly provided for in these regulations or which require interpretation of the clauses mentioned above shall be final and binding on all parties.
f. All disputes are subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Nashik only.

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