Animaze returns with market screenings at Cannes Film Festival for 2024 in May promoting your project at the worlds largest festival (Cannes gathers 30 000 professionals annually, 5000 media). With spring 2024 just around the corner away we are already reviewing all films for CONSIDERATION. This is for inclusion for an OFFICIAL marché de Cannes market screening. NOT in competition.
We will promote this screening at the festival and offer other promotional packages including a VIP party on the beach. We can email you our brochure upon request. With a resounding YES it became clear after the first edition in 2015 that Animation Day in Cannes fills a voider animation professionals attending Cannes.

Key investors, partners and creators in Cannes will find a new home for networking and benchmarking on animation and associated industries and technologie. If your film is chosen you agree to a 500 Euros fixed fee for the screening.
Animation Day in Cannes includes the competition: Animaze Daze in Cannes.
ATTENDING CANNES be sure to contact us for VIP party sponsorship opportunities at Long Beach on Le Croisette and PR inclusion with our media partners promotion and adverts.

We will publish these on our websites and blast invites to media and buyers attending Cannes 2024

SCREENING of winning selection takes place May 2024 date to be confirmed at le Marché
Contact us if you are interested in being represented by Animaze at le Marche de Cannes PACKAGES begin 1000€ . Please contact Inquire about becoming an exclusive sponsor at our exclusive VIP Cannes panel and party.


Including Awards Encore offering accolades to winners of key festivals and film events (Oscar, Cesar...)

Submission (within deadline) is reserved for films which are (re)presented in Cannes.

IF Accepted you will need to upload your film high quality onto a secured server direct to the Cannes market server. Final payment of 500 Euros must be paid prior to final upload to the Cannes festival secure serve no later than May 1st 2024

In return we are happy to offer promotion in front of media, buyers, sales companies and distributors in Cannes.