The monthly competition is taking a summer break !-)
JUNE 2018 was the #19th edition in competition.
All our previous winners are listed on our website :
Best Pop Song
Best Rock Song
Best Hard / Metal Song
Best Acoustic / Folk Song
The American Tracks Music Awards is an international monthly competition with an annual award ceremony and live event in Los Angeles.
Next edition is scheduled on May 2nd at the Two Roads Theater in Los Angeles (Studio City).

Our contest selects motivated and creative artists from all over the world.

We receive submission from a wide range of artists, established or emerging. We select many different talents and people, not regarding their fame or achievements but regarding what they send us to listen to.

We accept songs, sounds, each kind of track, any genres, any langage.

The best of the best may be in touch with a management company with a branch in Los Angeles and Paris.

Awards and Prizes include :

- Your winning track to be sent to a Management agency
- Feature on a live entertainment event in Los Angeles, May 4th (for some of the best winners of the year depending on submissions)
- A winning certificate to each winner
- Your song and/or music video listed on our entertainment platform (if you want to)
- Winners to be included on a Press Release sent to mainstream and specific press
- Winners to be listed on our platform cover page

Our Awards are distributed every month.

Entries are non refundable.

If you submit to Best original song for a film and Best film score, your submission must specify the movie attached (title, director, link to official page...)

This is NOT a music video contest. Some categories allow to submit music video, please check every category detail.

When you submit a score, do NOT submit the film. You will be disqualified.

Each entry MUST come with :
- a title
- an artist / band name
- at least ONE picture (artwork or artist headshot)
- an artist biography, at least 5 lines.
- a country of origin.

If one element comes missing, we reserve the right to dismiss your submission.
We appreciate to have the lyrics, and about 5 different visuals to discover the artist.

You can submit to multiple categories.

Sound quality : we do accept studio, live, demos. Please ask yourself : do my track will be appreciated as it is by the professional people who will listen to it ?

Format : we prefer .mp3. We accept .wav and professional formats as flac and aac. If you choose another format than mp3, we may ask you to send the mp3 in addition for easiest sharing.

We accept all langages.
Non-english lyrics must come with a translation. This translation must be the closest to the meaning of the lyrics. Meaning a translation do NOT have to rhyme.

Each winner will receive its certificate and informations by e-mail.

Overall Rating
  • Jose Luis Pedrero

    Amazing Festival. Last August, 2017 I was honored to be winner with the award "Best Song for a Film" with the song "LUNA". Professional, courteous and overall enjoyable to coordinate with. It’s been exciting to watch the festival evolve and hope to be a part of future nominations. An excellent festival. Thank you very much!

    May 2018
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    Response from festival:

    Thank you Jose for this great feedback ! We are working on the next evolutions... It's gonna get better and better ! See you soon !

  • Russell Emanuel

    Awesome festival that has treated us well over the years! Thank you for having us!

    May 2018
    Us tracks logo 2bis
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Russell ! We'll stay around... Keep creative !

  • Amr Al-hariri

    I needed a competitive festival for the veteran film makers, that is capable of granting credibility. Which also have to have an opened mind to appreciate an artistic film that is not a main stream creation. I found myself at home in American Tracks Music Awards. Heavenly landing amongst great staff and appreciative judges. Highly recommended.
    Amr Al-Hariri/Director

    May 2018
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    Response from festival:

    Congrats on you Finalist status with for Best Female Performer with Silent Love Stories. All the best for your next projects ! Thank you !

  • Nancy Stafford

    the festival was ok with the amount i paid it should be better.

    May 2018
    Us tracks logo 2bis
    Response from festival:

    Nancy, thank you for taking the time to review.
    You got selected and got semi-finalist in December 2017, because your music deserved it and was quality.
    You submitted your score for only $10. To the best of our knowledge, there is no better deal regarding a music competition. If we are mistaken, please feel free to reach out to us.
    All the best for your music !

  • Michael Davis

    Glad our amazing composer Brandon Boone got some recognition at this exciting festival! Good communication, kind staff, and a lot of phenomenal content. Hope to submit again!

    May 2018
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    Response from festival:

    Thank you Michael. Content is from the submitters, so thumbs up for them ! Thank you for your comment.