If 2020 wasn’t spooky enough, Aloha From Hell is back and ready to provide us all with some (much needed) comedic relief, but this time, it’s holiday themed!

This December, participants will submit short comedic videos and pay a small, charitable, donation fee of $10 per video for a chance to be screened in Aloha From Hell 4.

Winners will be screened along side some of the biggest names in comedy/art/music.

Aloha from Hell is a 100% submission-based short comedy film fest with a love of all things creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky.

We review all submissions with great care, and in order to be considered for inclusion in the film fest, your video must be:

• 100% your original creation

• 5 minutes or less in length

• Comedic or satirical in nature

• Free of hate speech, racism, and misogyny

• Completed and submitted by our December 10th deadline

You may submit multiple videos for consideration, but EACH submission must include a $10 fee – 100% of Aloha's proceeds go to a charitable organization.

Once your film is submitted, you consent to have it publicly shown at our event unless written contact is made requesting its withdrawal. If your clip has been selected for inclusion in Aloha From Hell, you will be notified.