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Almost Never Again

Kit, an Army Weapons Specialist, and Minuet, an Embassy Attache'/Bodyguard, and Gunny, a Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant fight to survive during WW3, and destroy the rest of the Infecteds to save the remnants of humanity. The Day After meets 2012 in this intense action movie.

  • Chris Furney
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Writer Biography - Chris Furney

I'm Chris Furney. But please call me Kit- the rest of my friends do. I live in a tiny town just inland from the middle Oregon coast. I retired a couple years ago, and I'm working on my second (or fourth haha) career, being a writer. But I saw this coming when I first started getting disabled. I went back to college in the Fall of 1994. I already had two years, which got me into Officer's School, and I tore out my right shoulder. I went to college for almost ten years. I have a BA in Art History, a Minor in Fine Art, about half a Master's in Architecture, and almost all of a BS in Structural Engineering. My professors always liked my writing. I've been a few years building houses and remodeling during and since college.

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I have some eight years on the Army's books. I spent three years driving for the S3 of a HAWK battalion in Germany and working in various Battalion level and higher command centers. I'm a bit of a trick shot- I was #3 on the Oregon Hipowered Rifle Team for two years during Desert Storm, though I (just barely) didn't have to go. I'm a Service Connected Disabled Veteran. I've been to many of the places and done many of the things that are in my work.
Thank you for your time! I hope that you like my writing. Tom Clancy look out!