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All the Rage Back Home

A man returns to his childhood home following the death of his stepdad, hoping to uncover the truth
behind a supernatural experience that happened to him as a child and also come to terms with his traumatic upbringing. Inspired by true events.

  • Tom Hentsch
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Writer Biography - Tom Hentsch

Since I can remember, film has been everything to me. I used to spend my early years reading VHS covers front to back, learning names and plots to films I was too young to see (but still got to see eventually). I was particularly fond of horror, drawn by the allure of seeing the macabre and frightening.

When I got my first computer, writing was the first thing I got to doing. As a teenager, I'd written countless short films and attempted my first screenplay. I would shoot very poor quality, improvised shorts and edited them on Windows Movie Maker. I was always limited with what I could do, but never stopped trying.

I studied Media Studies at GCSE level and Film Studies at A Level. I had a place ready for me to study film at University, but decided on settling with my partner instead and wrote in my spare time.

My whole life, film has been my only love and passion. I haven't been able to pursue it directly after leaving school, but the drive and love for it has never dampened.

In 2017, I won a place in FrightFest's New Blood competition to discuss my submitted horror film spec with industry professionals.

To date, I have written 3 screenplays between being a dad and working full time, as well as numerous short films and stories. I live in East Yorkshire in England (where my work tends to be set) with my partner, daughter and cat. When I'm not writing, I play Halo, read and play guitar.

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Writer Statement

Like the rest of the world, I’ve had a lot of spare time on my hands of late. Eventually, I realised I should be using it to create and finally sat down to write the one horror idea I’ve had in my head for years. It’s a horror film based on my childhood, and the idea came from what I believed to be a genuine paranormal experience at the age of 10. I always wanted to create something with it, but the more I tried to flesh it out, the sooner it became apparent that I could use it to address my own upbringing surrounding the experience and that's what I've done. It's a supernatural horror, a very English film set in Yorkshire, but it centres around a broken family and those left in the aftermath of a traumatic upbringing. I genuinely hope I’ve created something frightening and dark, but also quite honest and human.