The Village Theatre has been home to Allshorts since 2006. Allshorts organisers wanted to see their short films on the big screen and guessed that lots of other filmmakers from all over New Zealand would feel the same. A website was generated, a date was set, and pretty soon films from Auckland to Antarctica began arriving at 32 Commercial Street Takaka. By Festival night the red carpet was rolled out and a sellout crowd were greeted with a glass of bubbles and a programme crammed with films from every genre. The festival was received with wild appreciation and Allshorts was firmly on the calendar.

The Golden Nikau statuette is awarded to the People's Choice after the votes are collected from the audience at the end of the evening. The Statuette is a hand crafted "Oscar equivalent" made by well known New Zealand artist Dean Raybould.

Please do not enter if your film is longer than 9 minutes…..
The opeing date for entries is 1st December 2022 & closes the 1st of March 2023. School and student entries are open unti 31st March.
Films can be submitted as a DCP or MP4 file. (Include a self addressed envelope if you would like your work returned).
Submissions must include a short description (max 80 words), names of film makers and an image for publication purposes.
Maximum duration is 9 minutes per film - including title & credits. We love films of just a few minutes. You can submit more than one work.
No restrictions on films featured in other festivals.
Film Rating: All films as a general rule need to be suitable for an M audience - this does not rule out strong social comment but does rule out strong sexual and strong violent content.
No age limit on entrants.