*For Rockford Public Schools District 205 students ONLY*

Rockford Public Schools present the first All-City Digital Arts Festival presented at Auburn High School. All district high school students are encouraged to submit their video for a chance to compete for awards and recognition.

Trophies and medals will be awarded to the winners of each category.

All submissions must be made and submitted by high school students in Rockford Public Schools District #205. Contact info must contain your class and school for verification.

All videos submitted to the festival must meet broadcast standards and many not violate in-school rules and expectations. Videos may not include any of the following content (either implicitly or explicitly):
• Drugs, drug paraphernalia, drug use, alcohol: Not permitted, except in the PSA and
Documentary categories.
• Nudity or partial nudity: not allowed.
• Sex: videos may not contain scenes showing the act of, or implying some type of sexual act has taken place.
• Profanity: not allowed, bleeping of words is not permissible.
• Violence/Weapons: portrayal of violence using realistic weapons (guns, knives, etc.) is not allowed.