Alia Parte

Latin for “The Other Side”, Alia Parte gives a rare glimpse into the life of our transient youth population. This photovoice project highlights the results of training three teens from Racine, Wisconsin in capturing street photography. The participants grew up in a less than ideal home situation ranging from foster care and homelessness to attempted suicide. The aim of this project was to not only to engage the local community in a discussion surrounding these under-represented populations but to also give the participants valuable skills in photography.

  • Dom Kegel
  • Genres:
    Street Photography, Photovoice, homeless, teen
  • Date Taken:
    January 19, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Artist Biography

Born in Missouri, Dom grew up with a nomadic family. He attended Greenville University and played football and track & field. After college he played pro football overseas until he hung up the cleats and started working in the film industry as a stuntman and DP. He is married to Susan Kegel and they have one child, Finland.

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Artist Statement

This project is dear to my heart. I was honored to work with teenagers caught in cycles of homelessness and give them skills in street photography. Our goal was to share what it is like to be them, in an authentic way. Additionally, the opportunity for them to gain real skills in photography is a huge plus.