Private Project

Aktion T5

In a climate of oppressive waiting and uncertainty, two brothers facing a difficult past that does their existence in doubt.

  • Cacciatore Eugenio
  • Cacciatore Giuseppe
  • Cacciatore Eugenio
  • Cacciatore Giuseppe
  • Eleonora Siro
    Key Cast
  • Francesco Primavera
    Key Cast
  • Paolo Di Gialluca
    Key Cast
  • Rossella Ambrosini
    Key Cast
  • Federico Maggiore
    Key Cast
  • Michael Capuzzo
    Key Cast
  • Giuseppe Rasi
  • Carmelo Pino
  • Camilla De Angelis
  • Matteo Gattini
  • Luca Tarquini
  • Michael Capuzzo
  • Chiara Kogoi
  • Federico Pasquini
    Post Production
  • Pierpaolo Pattaro
    Post Production
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Aktion T5
  • Project Type:
  • Completion Date:
    July 1, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    3,000 EUR
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Cacciatore Eugenio, Cacciatore Giuseppe

Of Sicilian origins, Giuseppe Cacciatore and Eugenio
Cacciatore have been great fans of audiovisual products
since childhood. They collaborated for many years, in the
preparation of theatrical performances in the Agrigento area
with an amateur theater company called “PICCOLO
COLLETTIVO CITTÀ DI ARAGONA”, in the meantime they also
made small amateur short films, with the help of friends. In
2018, Eugenio Cacciatore trained in film directing and
screenwriting at the "Scuola Nazionale di Cinema
Indipendente" in Florence, making a short film entitled
"GIOCHI DI RUOLO" as an essay at the end of the course. The
following year, the two work together on another short film
entitled "ANAFORA" which will participate in two festivals.
Their latest work, titled “AKTION T5”, written and directed by
both of them, and produced by The Big Shaved, is being
distributed with The Wider Screen company.

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Director Statement

Aktion t5, as can be seen from the title, represents an
evolution of Aktion t4, or that Nazi program of euthanasia
against all those people considered by them to be
"unworthy" to live. To tell this, we wanted to tell the story
from the point of view of two brothers, two very different
men, one more introverted and submissive, the other more
dominant and authoritarian, but with this uncomfortable
bloodline in common. Starting from this "microcosm" made
up of their family unit, where the respective companions of
the two men are completely unaware of the origins of those
next to them, and for this reason they are intolerant of some
choices concerning their life as a couple who in fact are
unable to to understand, we were interested in analyzing
these thematic developments that will completely lead to a
reversal of the situation. The interpretation of the actors was
excellent, they managed to brilliantly interpret their roles,
giving depth to each character, as well as the entire crew
who believed in the project from the very beginning, and
which contributed to creating a serene and creative. For all
these reasons, we want to thank all the people who worked
on this project.