Åkersberga Filmfestival is a festival for YOUNG filmmakers, and it is part of Film i Österåker, Österåker municipality.
Our mission is to broaden the film art in the local area, Stockholm County and Sweden in a broader view. Especially for young filmmakers.
It never been this easy to make art with moving pictures. But we still need to help talented people to have a platform where they can show their work.
We're searching for talents that focus on the story, and understand the craftsmanship. Talents who can inspire others to have the courage to tell their own storys

BEST MOVIE LIGHTWEIGHT (Producer or Director must be between 13-15 years old)
BEST MOVIE MIDDLEWEIGHT (Producer or Director must be between 16-19 years)
BEST MOVIE HEAVYWEIGHT (Producer or Director must be between 20-26 years)
BEST FOREGIN MOVIE (Producer or Director must be between 13-26 years old)
JURY HONOR AWARD (To a film worker)

The winner in category lightweight will go directly to the festival STOCKmotion, Stockholm.
The winner in category middleweight and heavyweight will get the chance to compete in STOCKmotion.

Max length in Category lightweight (13-15 years old) is 15 minutes.
Max length in Category middleweight (16-19 years) is 30 minutes.
Max length in Category Heavyweight (20-26 years) is 30 minutes.
Max length in Category Foreign Movie (13-26 years) is 30 minutes.
In Category Audience Award all entries compete.
In Category Jury Honor Award all film workers and actors compete.
Maximum length time is with credits.
All movies that's not in Swedish must have subtitles in Swedish or English.
At least half of the film crew has to be living in Stockholm county. Actors not included.
Directors and / or Producers age determines category.
The movie has to be finished during 2108 or 2019.
Acceptable format are 4:3 and 16:9 and at least 1080p.
All genres are welcome.
Åkersberga Filmfestival is not responsible for not working or broken files.
All movies that apply to the festival will not get screen time. The jury will determine
the movies that will get screen time with live audience. All movies that get Live Screening will get a Official Selection Laurel.
The producer is regarded as the owner and is responsible for the content of the film, if nothing else i stated during sign up.
This means that the producer or owner, must ensure that they have the right to, for example, use all the music, all the pictures and all the film clips in the film and be able to show how this is ensured.
Offenses lead to disqualification.
Signing up more movies are allowed.
Movies advertising for drug use, or is offensive to an individual and / or group of people, or has a party political purpose may not participate in the competition.
By registering the film, owner is approving that parts of the movie may be used (trailer, teaser, film poster etc.) by Film i Österåker for advertising purposes.
The jury's decision cannot be appealed.
By entering the film, these rules have been approved.