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Living with an adolescent trauma, a Baltimore native and co-business owner is forced to face her biggest fears after she is confronted by her future about her past.

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Writer Biography - Charisse Y. Tompkins

Charisse Tompkins, the audio and visual technician for Shades of Truth Theatre, is a jack of all trades from Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn NY with a Bachelor’s of Technology in Hospitality Management in 2009. Though not professionally trained, she was given an opportunity to explore the world of multimedia during her years in college. She interned with the college’s visual department as the videographer/photographer’s assistant, where she also dabbled in graphic design. After graduating she spent some time away from the world of multimedia to focus on furthering her experience in the Hospitality Field.

While attending Crenshaw Christian Center East in 2010, she dove back into the world of multimedia. She started with the Events Ministry, during a church fashion show she met the head of the Arts Ministry Jesse Kearney. He asked her to come to a rehearsal because he needed stage hands for his next play. Less than three rehearsals later, she was Stage Manager. She picked up a lot from the Audio/Visual Ministry during rehearsals. After the first play, Sinners & Saints, she joined the Audio/Visual Ministry as well. She skillfully juggled being a part of several ministries until 2013.

She took a few years off from the Multimedia Industry, but it found her again in 2015 when she ran into Sheila Frazier, whom she met while attending Crenshaw Christian Center East. From there she started off as one of the Stage Managers, but was later given the roll of Production Manager. It would be during her first production with Sheila Frazier that she’d meet the Founder of Shades of Truth Theatre, Michael Green. Since then she’s been the audio/visual technician for Shades of Truth Theatre. Working on productions such as Whistle in Mississippi, TruBone, Rage, Resistance & Revelry, Barbara Jordan, Camp Logan, The Meeting, King Years 7-37, Saving King, Unforgettable Mother’s Of the Movement, A Taste of Freedom written by Lorey Hayes, and When Gold Turns Black written by Ron Wilks and directed by Count Stovall. Charisse, has learned and continues to learn from, grow in, explore, and embrace the Field of Multimedia. Accepting and conquering the challenges on her life path with faith and confidence in God. This is just the beginning.

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