Again, the spring.

Again, the spring. is the third instalment in a series of videos which I have been making in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The previous two works, Isolation Diary and a tree, some eggs, a man, a bird have been exhibited in earlier TAOI collective shows. Fundamental to Again, the spring. is the slippage of time, the idea that we are at an interstitial moment in the development of the pandemic.

This exhibition opens at the end of one lockdown; in the space between ongoing moments of crisis. Like the last times, we approach this ‘deconfinement’ as if for the first time. Previous instalments of my series have paid reference to Daniel DeFoe’s Journal of the Plague Year and to the nesting of the crisis of coronavirus within the climate crisis; Again, the spring. sets the timeline wider still, taking us back both to the 14th century and to the emergence of homo sapiens during the extinction of homo neanderthalensis. As well as reflecting on the coronavirus pandemic, Again, the spring. plays with a certain aesthetics of mundanity detectable in the thought of Yoshida Kenko, and takes influence from his ironic depiction of human fragility and extra-human change.

  • Runtime:
    10 minutes 35 seconds
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project: