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After Us

ANDY LONGHEART is a pharmaceutical customer service agent stuck in the same day-to-day life. On her way to work, she’s full of energy because today is the day she’ll talk to her boss, CLARA, about that promotion. Sitting in her car she goes over a premeditated speech she wrote last night. When her phone rings flashing CLARAs name she takes this as a sign. Diving right into her speech she’s immediately cut off by CLARA announcing she’s being let go due to budget cuts. This sends ANDY into a panic. She heads back into her home slouching on her bed consumed with thoughts. Reaching for her phone she calls her daughter MYA. Frustrated, MYA suggests that she goes to see her therapist.
ANDY walks into her therapy session to see 25-year-old ANDREA L. JAMESON scanning over a file. ANDREA quickly stashes away the file gesturing towards the chair in front of her desk. Jealousy and frustration fill her face when ANDY sees her. Sensing the mood ANDREA smiles warmly starting off by the posing question “What brought you in today?”. Annoyed with the question ANDY lashes out every grievance she’s had mocking ANDREA’s youth. Sitting in the chair frustrated she asks, “What could she know about living when she’s still young?”. Blindly blaming Andrea for her losing her job. Before storming out she turns to say, “Time is still your friend don’t make it an enemy”.
Remorseful of her actions ANDY decides to go back to see ANDREA. ANDREA agrees to see her allowing ANDY to face the real issue she’s facing. ANDREA gives her the assignment to write a letter to her younger self. Giving ANDY the courage to move forward just as time does. Leaving the office ANDY heads back home settling on her couch she writes two letters. One is addressed to time and the other to herself. Back at the office, a new client walks in need of counsel. ANDY makes a life-changing decision

  • Genesis L. James
  • Project Type:
    Student, Screenplay, Short Script
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Los Angeles Film School
Writer Biography - Genesis L. James

Genesis James is an aspiring screenwriter and cinematographer. She attends Los Angeles Film School and is to graduate in May 2024. She has written many things since she was young and decided to venture out to turn them into a profession. Her goal is to inspire people through her writing and cinematography. As she has grown in her craft she has found happiness in uplifting people with her words.

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