Private Project

After Luke

Scott always had a turbulent relationship with his brother. Now he is faced with having to deliver a eulogy for a person he felt he hardly knew.

  • Jak Peter Scanlon
    Developed Departure, Enoch Arden
  • Jak Peter Scanlon
    Developed Departure
  • Matthew Glen Connell
    Love's Bitter Mystery
  • Jak Peter Scanlon
    Developed Departure, Enoch Arden, Love's Bitter Mystery
  • Tom Atkinson
    Key Cast
    I Swear I Wasn't Peaking
  • Sebastiano Petruzzello
    Key Cast
    Faith, The Killer Performance, Spoonville, Paper Cut, At The End Of The Day, Dirty Work, Back For Blood
  • Anthea Davis
    Key Cast
    Before I Go, Little Acorns, Champions, The Jammed, MDA, The Brush Off,
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  • Runtime:
    18 minutes 39 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 12, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    4,300 AUD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Jak Peter Scanlon

Jak is a Melbourne-based Film Writer, Director, and Producer with a broad range of industry experience, holding a Bachelor of Film & Television from JMC Academy. He has worked on various projects, including feature and short films, web series, and more. As the Creative Director of Scene Studios, he collaborates with filmmakers on short-form and online content, as well as narrative films that are in the film festival circuit.

As a writer and director, Jak is dedicated to exploring and dissecting societal and cultural concepts. His creative endeavors delve deep into these issues, aiming to provide his audience with a new and profound understanding or revelation. Through his work, he has examined themes of grief, love, and relationships, inviting viewers to explore these complex topics alongside themselves.

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Director Statement

This film emerged from my personal experience of grief, triggered by the loss of my brother, Tom, when I was 20 years old. This event has profoundly shaped my entire lived experience, leading me to explore the themes of grief and its impact on individuals through my filmmaking and art. Particularly, I have delved into the cultural context of grieving in Australian society, attempting to uncover the unspoken taboos and societal expectations surrounding the loss of a loved one.

"After Luke" delves into the complex concept of grieving for someone with whom you had a complicated relationship, perhaps not as close as you wished. Our main characters, Scott and Luke, share a turbulent bond, and when Scott is tasked with writing a eulogy for Luke's funeral, he finds himself at a loss for words. What happens when we are compelled to participate in a societal ritual that doesn't align with our true feelings? The common expectation is to remember only the 'happy times' when someone passes away, but what if we struggle to recall any happy memories at all? This film explores the often intricate and painful dynamics of sibling relationships, highlighting the profound impact of losing the opportunity to reconcile and mend them when that choice is no longer available.

Through "After Luke," we navigate subjects that are frequently avoided, shedding light on the complexities of grief and the raw emotions that accompany it. The film aims to provoke introspection and initiate conversations about the multifaceted nature of sibling connections and the weighty significance of irreversible loss.