Adventure Film Festival Israel is a 4 day independent event, located in the picturesque town of Rosh Pina, in The Upper Galillee. The festival showcases the wide scope of the relationship between the human spirit and the natural world: adventure, environment, journeys, the healing force of nature, extreme sports etc. Our next year edition will take place on 18-21 of March 2020.

1. admission requirements
The festival will only receive documentaries that meet all of the following criteria:
A. The movie is no shorter than 5 minutes and no longer than 60 minutes.
B. The film was completed after January 2016. In special cases, films created before 2016 can be submitted, as long as they have never been screened at a festival, film or television.
C. The film will be submitted solely by the distribution rights holder, and to the extent that it does not infringe any copyright and / or other rights of any third party and does not infringe any law, including any infringement of any third party's good name and / or privacy and / or Another wrong.

2. Filing procedure
Files should be submitted to - accompanied by all of the following documents:
A. Signed online application form.
B. Film viewing link (recommended to use the vimeo site). The password can be protected, but the password must be valid until 1.4.2020. The password must be included in the email body.
C. Movie synopsis (up to 100 word) and movie director's resume (up to 100 word).
D. 3 high quality still images.
E. The film must be translated into English.
If there is a problem submitting the movie through an internet link, you can email and find an alternative submission solution.

3. The film examination procedure
A. The films submitted will be examined by a team of lecturers appointed by the festival
B. Answers will be given no later than 30 days before the festival
C. The Galilee Film Festival will not bear any financial expense involved in the process of sending or editing the submitted film.
D. The Galilee Film Festival may screen any film received for the festival, during all festival days, in the number of screenings and hours at its discretion.
E. If the submitted film is accepted, the film must be transferred in accordance with the technical specifications required by the festival, two weeks from the date of receipt of the film.
and. If the film is accepted, the Galilee Film Festival reserves the right to edit the Synopsis proposal at its discretion.
G. Film to be submitted to the festival will not be screened in the Galilee for public screening, including cinemas, cinematics, cultural institutions, educational events, and private events from the day it is submitted to the festival (if accepted) without prior co-production with the festival production and written permission.

4. Invitation
A. An invitation to the festival will be given to the filmmakers at the discretion of the festival.
B. Filmmakers who are selected to present at the festival and who wish to do so will receive a personal badge that gives entry to the festival films and events.

5. Work schedule
A. Deadline for submission 21/11/2019
B. 15.2.2020 Release of Received Films (Possible Introduction of This Date)
third. 20.2.2020 - Deadline for receiving projection format movies is required.
D. 18-21.3.2020 - Date of festival
E. The Galilee Film Festival may change dates and times at its discretion.

6. General
A. For the purposes of these By-Laws, the administration of the Galilee Film Festival may delegate its powers, in whole or in part, to any person and / or committee at its discretion, in accordance with the By-Laws.
B. The administration of the Galilee Film Festival may cancel any choice of film and / or refrain from screening it at any time at its discretion, and, inter alia, if there is a concern that the conditions of submission or acceptance will not be met.
C. The administration of the Galilee Film Festival may change this policy at any time, and any such change will require any person and / or body that has applied and / or been accepted for the festival.
D. Once a film has been selected to be screened at the festival, any person and / or body submitting the film to the festival may not revoke and / or withdraw it from any consent granted.
E. The administration of the Galilee Film Festival may decide to hold additional competitions and / or frameworks from time to time and determine the rules regarding them.
F. A film presenter undertakes to indemnify the director of the Galilee Film Festival, and all of its employees and / or on its behalf for any damage and / or loss, including legal expenses incurred as a result of a filing and / or pledge of the applicant in connection with the film, including any claim and / or claim To be followed.

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