A door can reveal a lot

I lose myself by visually retracing the geography of Latin America. A set of paradises where a lifetime is not enough to visit them all and tell them. But what certainly unites each of them is certainly the color. A collage with the brightest shades that encompasses years of culture, poetry and art. For this competition I have browsed countless photo galleries and read many articles to be prepared to create something visually appropriate. Olinda, Val Paraiso, Cartagena, Quito like other cities have been my inspiration and not only for the colors, for the most unlikely nuances and combinations but for another detail: the doors. Of all shapes, in wood, in wrought iron, of both, shiny, ancient, ruined, opaque, restored, decorated, blue, red, yellow, purple, green and orange. An encyclopedia of the most beautiful fixtures I've ever seen. Adapted to chance, this door is my celebration of the vast beauty and liveliness of Latin America.

  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

I was born in Italy, I currently live in London, but the future holds new movements for me.
Despite being a full-time mom, my mind is always active and my 2-years-old daughter is a continuous stimulus for my creativity. She manages to make me see the world with totally different eyes. I love organizing, reading, studying and researching constantly. I work a lot on graphics and vector illustrations: they are my passion because they manage to get me to unimaginable levels of detail.

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