Film, music, dancing, acting, and modeling is my passion because I have fun doing it!
Talent Agent
Quickbook Modeling Agency
Talent Manager
Actress Ada was discovered by a Talent Agency in The Pacific Northwest Of Washington, named; "Seattle Talent" aka "Seattle Artist Agency."
Seattle Talent was an excellent agency where Ada had a fantastic Agent by the name of, "David Dix."
At Seattle Talent, Adaeze otherwise known as her nickname Adaeze; was casted as a New Face Model on New Day, as well as a hand model on a Starbucks Ad.
Since moving to a new Agency after leaving Seattle Talent, Ada has moved on to becoming a worldwide Boudoir, Lingerie, Portrait, Fine Art, Glamour, Cover, and a Commercial Magazine Model. In Magazines such as "Bad Bad Magazine," "Fienfh Magazine," "Marika Media," "Beautica Magazine," "Off Town Magazine," "MakeSense Magazine," "Shades Magazine," "LeDesir Magazine," "6X Fine Art Magazine," "Artells Magazine," "Vigour Magazine," "Artells Magazine," "Untold Magazine," "6X Print Glamour Magazine," "StyleCruze Magazine," "6X Portrait Magazine," and finally, "GMARO Magazine."
In film Ada usually lands roles in the more Moody-Emo-Goth typecastings and characters that she plays. Either she is a Depressive Disgusted Funeral Goer, to portraying another funeral role where She is confused about the topic of Death all together.
The roles Adaeze has played in Horror, are a light PG 13 Horror Genre, Drama Genre, and Comedy Genre in Independent Film, in Washington State.
As Seen As a venomous walking animated corpse who longs to ruin the end of the last surviving elves, as a Vampire in "Chosen One" Directed By Thomas Meyers.
As seen as a Funeral Attendee on both Films; "Paillette" a Musical Movie by Gabrielle Goyette, As well as a Funeral Attendee in "In The Event Of My Death" By Director Brian Steele.
Notable role Independent Film, Directed By Martin Lewis; "The Office Job" As The Comedic dry humor of the Character, "Colleen" an Office worker, that is an uptight arrogant millennial that cares far too much about her looks.
Another notable role as a, Horror genre Independent Short, "Days Of Salvation: The Beginning", Directed by Amrik Pabla, as a "Savage Zombie" with the ability to use a whip as a tactic to kill its host or to subdue its victim.
Guest on Youtube shows such as, "Cut:Keep It 100", and "Defected Series; Halloween " Directed by Rachael Stover; Ada played a weird Blonde that was clueless.
Adaeze Anane is the Producer, Podcast Host, and Editor to the Famous and Popular Podcast Series, "GMChannel Show."
Adaeze Anane is a signed Singer with Bentley Records, her music videos are; "Beach Hangtide," "Bad," "Solar Galactica," "She's A Victim," "Jingle Bell Rap," and "Dusty Country Road," all music videos on Vevo under her First name, and Maiden name; "Adaeze Cornelia."
Adaeze is also a Costume Character for hire at Events in the Northwest Of USA, Such as Washington State; Seattle, Auburn, Bellevue, Renton, and King County. If you wish to hire Adaeze contact her on her account under Adaeze Anane, or Gloomy Moon Child. As well as the links in Her IMDb.
Adaeze Cornelia Anane (Ada) is not a Creator. Adaeze Cornelia Anane (Ada) is a Follower not a Leader.
Seattle Central College
Associate Arts Degree
High School
Seattle Vocational Institute
Birth Date
October 12, 1989
Birth City
Current City
Black, Filipino
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Married To
Not Married
None, thank God.
Film, music, dancing, acting, and modeling is my passion because I have fun doing it!
Talent Agent
Quickbook Modeling Agency
Talent Manager
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