The Virginia Association for Health and Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (VAHPERD) is launching the 2017-18 Film/Video Competition focusing on “Alcohol-Free is the Way to Go”
This competition is part of our Choose Your Vibe-Arrive Alive underage drinking and impaired driving campaign funded through a highway safety alcohol grant from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The competition allows middle and high school students to develop short persuasive videos that encourage students to make safe and healthy choices, and by doing so prevent underage drinking and impaired driving.
Participants may select from any of the following (or similar alcohol prevention) topics:

● Promote the benefits of alcohol-free lifestyles and alcohol free socializing and support non-drinkers in social scenes
● Emphasize that 24/7 alcohol-free is the way to go
● Demonstrate resistance and refusal skills
● Present alternative strategies for securing safe and timely transportation home from events (e.g., Don’t get in the car with impaired drivers; leave when drinking or other illegal activities occur)
● Any alcohol level is unacceptable for a teen driver - – even one drink can lead to impairment for guys and girls
● There are consequences associated with underage drinking and impaired driving - Procuring and drinking alcohol underage is illegal and infractions have severe physical, academic, social and legal consequences
● Alcohol and friendship don’t mix - Good friends don’t host alcohol parties or provide alcohol to their friends; Good friends take the keys away from drinking drivers or get help; Good friends help friends get out of dangerous situations and ask for help from adults
● Make a plan to get home safely before you attend parties – e.g., are they supervised and by who? how will you get home if those present start doing illegal or dangerous things? practice refusing dangerous situations/behaviors; talk with parents about being available if you call – do not get in the car with older teens who have been drinking etc.

The top Film/Video in the categories of narratives, animations, experimental, commercial/PSAs will be shown and awards presented November 2018 at the Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Conference in Virginia Beach. Additional selected videos will be posted on the Virginia DMV website. Schools may win in more than one category, but a student (or students) may only submit one video.