Abou Keyss

Abou Keyss : the first Lebanese movie for kids

"Abou Keyss" is a popular character of a Lebanese heritage. "El Merjan" is a typical Lebanese village, which its Mayor forbade the entry of any engine that creates pollution or harms the environment. In the courtyard, a shop owner gets annoyed from children playing in front of his shop. So to keep them away, he scares them with “Abou Keyss" and tells them that he will come and takes them, in his bag, to a far away place. Afraid to be taken away, the kids hid in their homes. One day, " Abou Keyss " comes to the village carrying in his bag a portable theater full of puppets. The children start loving his stories and his puppet show. Suddenly, a child disappears from the village and the shop owner accuses “Abou Keyss”, and puts him in prison. The children of the village
didn’t believe that “Abou Keyss” has kidnapped the child. They start their investigation until they find out that “Abou Keyss” is innocent and that the shop owner had something to do with their friend disappearing.

  • Miled Abou Moussa
  • Siham Chamoun
  • Miled Abou Moussa
  • Paul Sleiman
    Key Cast
    "Abou Keyss"
  • Claud Khalil
    Key Cast
    "Police Man"
  • Omar Mikati
    Key Cast
    "Grand Father "
  • Nemat Assaf
    Key Cast
    "Grand Mother "
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 20 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    January 5, 2013
  • Production Budget:
    82,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Miled Abou Moussa


Jounieh, ksserwan, Lebanon
Cellular phone : 00961 3 859341
E-mail: miledaboumoussa@gmail.com



1995-1998 Specialization of Cinema Directing – T.V. Theatre (Academy of Cinematographic & Theatrical Sciences – Beirut, Lebanon)
1988-1991 Diploma of scene producer (Theatre) (Cultural Center, Neuchatellois, Switzerland)

Professional Competences:

Realization / Adaptation Performing of Scene / Actors' playing
- Video clips - Theatre for children
- Direct Emission - Festivals for children
- Dramatic Series - Comic and dramatic roles
- Critical Political Series
- Dramatic films

Cinematographic, televisual and theatrical.

Professional Experiences:

2018-2019 Director / Producer of:
"Bouchon L’âne blanc" (theatrical piece in French language for children)
2017-2018 Director / Producer of:
"Police bus w ichara" (theatrical piece for children)

2016-2017 Director of “ Ekhwati Bi El Watan “ online Emission”

2013-2016 Director / Producer of:
"Abou Kiess" (Long Movie for children )
"Beit al Sukar" (Long Movie for children )

2012-2013 Director of “ Bassmat El Watan “ LBCI

2004-2013 Had of Editing Department (AFKAR Production)

" Heya Wa Heya" (Drama Series) - Editing
"Badal An Dayeaa" (Drama Series) - Editing
"Hotel El Afrah" (Drama Series) - Editing
"Maleh Ya Baher" (Drama Series) - Editing

Director - "Madina La Tamot" ( Documentary film)
Director - "Makhad El Hazima" (Documentary film)

2000-2004 Director of "Studio" (Company of production and digital montage production department) (Zouk Mickael, Lebanon)

Director / Producer of:
"Arabyat Al Hikayat" (theatrical piece for children)
"Jack et le Haricot Magique" (theatrical piece in French language for children) under processing.

1997-2000 Director at "On Line"(Company of Television Production) of:
- "Bala Mazeh" (Emission of Candid Camera with the celebrities)
- "Bergess" ( Comic Emission of mimic)
- Video clips
- "Hcomic" (Critical Political Emission)

1996 Director in "NBN " (Lebanese Television Channel)
of " Helo El Rawek" (Critical Political Emission)
- Scene Producer in " Al Hajj Production" of " El Helem Al Mashour" (theatrical piece for children)

1995 Director in "NTV " Lebanese Television Channel)
of " Kezbeh Bayda" (Emission of Candid Camera with the celebrities)
-Scene Producer in " Al Hajj Production" of " Al Malika Wal Saher"
(theatrical piece for children)

1994 Director in "Sigma " (Lebanese Television Channel)
of Video clips ( Oumayma Al Khalil / Mohamd El Abed...)
- Scene Producer / Producer of " Clou Clown"(theatrical piece for children)

1993 Director in "Music master of Video clips (Oumayma Al Khalil / Nouhad Tarabaye...)
- Scene Producer in " Al Hajj Production" of " Fehmen Bel Ghaba " (theatrical piece for children)

1992 Director / Chief of Production in "BTC" (Television Channel for the emission of varieties, kitchen, political ) and of video clips.
- Scene Producer / Producer of " Layla Wal Zeeb" (theatrical piece for children)

Complementary Competences:

- Technical formation
- Analogous Montage
- Digital Montage ( Avid Liquid)
- Graphic Design ( Adobe Photo shop)

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